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    Question for CJ

    Hey CJ just ordered the banks ppv and wanna say its really good. Ordered the toi ppv awhile back to so not every thing about that is fresh in my mind. Anyway I know you've discussed it a lot on the forums but I never made the connection that toi and pivoting are two different things. So my...
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    Eye pattern

    Do you know your eye pattern? And do you do the same routine every time? I know that for myself sometimes when I miss I see nothing but black so to speak. I think sometimes I also go back and forth between the cue ball and object ball too much and my eyes have trouble focusing because of...
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    Tight pockets?

    Do they help your game? I've never really had much time on a tight pocket table and understand that it will help your accuracy among other things but is it a true test of your game? Opinions and observations?
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    Eye issue while shooting

    Was playing the other day and while practice stroking and doing eye movements at cue ball and object ball it felt like air was blowing in my eyes. I don't know if I was blinking to much or what it was exactly about. I never have problems with dry eyes or anything like that and there certainly...
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    Playing over your head

    Ever play someone and after you beat them they say you played over your head? Is it really playing over your head if your the one that did it? It clearly means that you have the ability to play at that particular level you just don't do it often. I guess we play in the middle of our ability...
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    What time does Ultimate 10 ball start streaming today?

    Anybody know?
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    Combination shots

    Anybody have any specialized techniques for shootings combos?
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    A philosophical question

    When it comes to pool what is more important knowledge or experience?
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    3 fouls in a row 14.1

    3 fouls in a row by my opponent. Do I have option to shoot as they lay or does my opponent have to rebreak?
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    Bonus Ball and the Players

    This might have already been discussed but I don't feel like reading through all the pages of BB material. Did the players have input into the creation of the game Bonus Ball? Are the players promoting Bonus Ball on their websites and social media outlets? Are they easing the mind of the...
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    Fights in a pool room

    Ever been involved or seen one. One time I was t mother's in Charlotte some guys came in and started chucking pool balls across the room then ran out and I heard gun shots. I took cover behind a pool table. Another time at college played a kid for some dough, beat him, and got kneed in the...
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    Does it matter if your follow thru is straight?

    From what I've read the tip is only on the cue ball for a fraction of a second or what not so if I stroke straight thru the cue ball and then veer off is that a stroke issue? Or does it not even matter? For myself I feel that this really applies to my break only as I don't have a long follow...
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    Make it happen

    I think accu stats should do a one pocket make it happen and the basis for the invite should be with emphasis on most entertaining players. Put mikes on them and let em go. No censor, no worrying about the image of the game, just pure unadulterated entertainment. Now I know some people might...
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    Lassiter's high run?

    Anybody know it?
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    Night or day?

    Do you prefer playing during the day or night? I personally prefer playing at night but when the local halls all close around 11 it's kinda tough. I guess when I say night I mean till 3 or 4 in the morning. Don't get me wrong any time is good but I prefer late night early morning.
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    Dallas West

    Just got done looking at the BCA hall of famers and one guy you don't hear much about is Dallas West. Does anyone have any stories about this hof?
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    14.1 rule?

    I shoot opening break, two balls hit a rail but I pocket scratch. Do I lose 1 or 2 points and does my opponent have option to make me break again?
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    Name a player that evokes mythical status

    Just got done watching a JJ Jenkins video of Mark Tadd. I believe at one point he was considered the second coming.
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    Balabushka cues/ original owners

    Of the 1100 or so cues that he made does anyone have an idea of how many original owners still have their cue?
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    Billiards atlas

    Anybody look at it and just say wtf?