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    Matchroom changing break rules for European Open (Aug 9-14 Germany)

    I know many here won't agree with me, no problem, I'm used to that. I think the pros should play 15 ball rotation. Easy to understand as its still make all the balls in order. However it would be way more challenging, more tactical and more kicking. When a runout happens it will mean much more...
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    Appleton Suspension?

    You think its only here? The complaints about the shitty ball set are on every Matchroom post. Facebook, instagram, you tube, and whatever else they promote on. Az is nothing in the pool world these day's. There are 100x the comments on most facebook posts about the purple 5 ball than here. Look...
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    Appleton Suspension?

    I got to watch all of yesterday at a friends house. The production level by Matchroom is great, I would even say better than the TV days before. The camera work was outstanding, the slow motion shots are just great to watch. Commentating is top notch, although Karl needs to learn to respond in...
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    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

    When is someone going to make the shirt? I want one! Make the 5 ball Orange!!!!!!!!!!
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    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

    I will not and have not bought any Matchroom pool events since the Purple 5 ball.
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    Should we start a petition to change the 5 ball back to orange again?

    Because Matchroom said so. Don't you get it, Emily is the only one that can save pool. Says she listens to players and fans, yet this horrendous ball set is still almost universally hated and still being used and promoted. A huge blindspot in Emily's ego.
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    A Purple Five Ball Makes No Sense to Me

    Wonder if Matchroom will go the way of the ABA? Remember the odd colored ball?
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    My rant: Finals shouldn't be played at 1AM on a multi-day event

    I don't make it to many finals so maybe my input really doesn't matter but I'll give it anyway. I don't really see to big of a problem with slow play, not that it doesn't happen. Just, that the few players who do it seems to small to create the bigger issue. What I see as the 2 biggest factors...
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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

    I have heard Mark Wilson thank "Bad Boys" production at the end of every match. Have they always done AS production or is this new this year? My stream has been fine after the first day. It was a little laggy then the webmaster posted another link and that fixed it. I haven't needed the extra...
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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    For the most part in America, pool is a participation sport not a spectator sport. For ever one player like us that watches and follows the game there are 100's of players who have zero interest in the game beyond their league night or once a week visit to the local bar.
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    Dr. Dave Chalk shootout😃

    I'm not trying to argue with anyone here, everyone has different styles and results. I was just trying to give my honest opinion of the newest chalk on the market for anyone that was curious. Honestly I don't care what anyone uses for their chalk. When I am out playing, I use Master and I am...
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    Dr. Dave Chalk shootout😃

    No blue ring around my ferrule as I don't chalk like Dechaine but I do chalk before every shot. My home table gets a lot of play. 2-6 hours a day more on the weekends. Usually by 2 or more players. I can feel the dust on the rails after a few hours. Wiping it with a rag also shows up blue. I...
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    Dr. Dave Chalk shootout😃

    I have had my V10 about a week so far. What a difference vs Masters. I was a BIG Masters proponent. Still am for the most part. When you have a pre shot routine and chalk before every shot, Masters works as well as any chalk on the market. Grips, wont miscue and stays on. However, it is messy...
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    Could Joe Rogan help with pool?

    The problem with Pool as a TV sport is that even among the vast majority of players, it is a participation activity not one they want to watch. Ask around at your next league or tournament. I find that very few players follow the sport. Few even know who the pros are or how they are doing. I...
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    John Schmidt compliments Jayson and the 714 run

    I do not know either individual. Just having a conversation about what is posted, said and heard. So what am I wrong about? Bobby and John have a feud, beef or just don't care for each other. True or not? This event was setup to break the record John set. True or not? Jayson said John had a...
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    John Schmidt compliments Jayson and the 714 run

    John has no issue with Jayson, the issue is with Bobby who ran the event. He setup this event for the sole purpose of beating John. I don't think Jayson has a big issue with John either but he did take a couple of digs at him on the recent Cue It Up podcast. Claimed Johns table had a heater...
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    Ball size testing

    I would purchase a set.
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    must be an idiot. lol

    What is your method for selecting the bad ones?
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    CSI/Predator Productions

    I really enjoyed it. As for the shootout, I could go either way with it. If, they are going to keep it, the players better start practicing it more. Although, when they all start making it and the shootout goes too many rounds they will probably drop it. I enjoyed Tony and Marks commentating the...
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    Efren live action match now on Youtube

    He totally called the 3 ball. Pointed right at it and called it in Spanish. Typical cheater.