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    Pechauer Package Player & Break - Good Starter Set

    $325 price includes shipping CONUS. Trying to fund another cue so not looking for trades Package deal for a Pechauer JP series model JC08 with upgraded P+ low deflection shaft & Pechauer Rosewood Break cue. The rosewood is not showing up well in the photos but it's nicely figured and rich...
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    Help finding a pool video on YouTube

    Does anybody have a link to a match where Mike Massey shot trick shots before commercial breaks? He doesn't play in the match, he just does trick shot interludes
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    Digicue Blue Not Connecting on Android

    Is anybody else having this issue? With plenty of time at home I pulled my Digicue off the shelf after a couple of months of sitting and tried to give it a whirl. Can't get it to connect after multiple attempts over each of the past three days. I tried deleting all data from the app...
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    Tiger Pro-X Shaft 3/8X10 with Custom Ring Work

    Offered for sale is a Tiger Pro-X Shaft $200 shipped CONUS PayPal F&F or add 4% for fees. Will consider trades for other 3/8X10 or Mezz United Joint shafts. -3/8X10 -29" -3.5 oz. according to my kitchen scale -11.75mm -G2 soft tip with light use but I did have it cut down on install I...