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    Production Cues used by Pro Players

    Are there any Pro players that use Viking, McDermott or Joss cues? Just curious.
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    steve klein cues review

    Love my Klein cue. Great player.
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    Bubinga Cue

    Best cue I've ever seen, bar none.
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    Jeanette Lee’s Medical Condition Update: Official Statement

    A true champion in all her life's contests!
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    What table size for room size

    Hey, that's what I said. Lol
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    What table size for room size

    I would look at rotating the table to fit the 9 footer in the space. How often are you shooting across the corner?
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    Very Nice Group Photo

    Wowza! Nice collection of cues.
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    Awens Aztec Custom Cue

    Nice looking cue. Not familiar with the maker. Is it a production cue, or one of a kind?
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    Rare Scruggs Hoppe

    I'll agree that amboyna is rare for scruggs. But then, the majority of Scruggs Cues made (not from old catalogs) are unique and therefore could be considered rare. Regardless, great looking cue you picked up. I'm sure you will have many hours of enjoyment playing with it.
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    Rare Scruggs Hoppe

    Nice! Not so rare though. I have a coco Scruggs Hoppe that I know for a fact was started by MC, but finished by Bob Frey, due to Mike passing.
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    Top 5 playing cues

    I own about 15 different cuemaker's cues. Of those, my favorite top five for playing with are: Klein Weston Scruggs Runde Coker No particular order.
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    Top 10 or 20 pros' cues set ups?

    I like to try different cues, shafts, tips, etc., even at the expense of not having a regular setup to get used to. That's just me. Regarding what the Pro's use, I don't pay too much attention. I will say though, seeing more and more of them using carbon shafts, which I have not tried, makes me...
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    Help identifying cue

    Regardless who made it, nice refinish, cue looks good.
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    What are the value of Lee Peppers cues?

    "That's bold talk for a one-eyed fat man"..... "Fill your hand Ned!"
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    What are the value of Lee Peppers cues?

    Anyone still playing with a Peppers cue? I picked mine up to play with for a bit and decided to search regarding his cues, and came across this thread. Mine is one nice cue and I was surprised to see that there were issues with his work. Purchased mine from him in 2011 with no issues at all...
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    Quality/Value of Cue Sticks (White-Butt Cue)

    Looks like the collar came loose from the shaft.
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    Collection Updated 2022

    I'm liking ths Scruggs. Simple and classy cue.
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    Just delivered

    Nice. l like the understated rings. Never heard of polka wood before. Kind of looks like bubinga.
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    Meucci original model ID

    Will look great with a refinish. Don't cover the wrap with lacquer again though. I hate that look and feel. Never understood it, unless Meucci is using inferior linen.