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  1. flyvirginiaguy

    Brunswick Gold Crown IV Tournament Edition

    Brunswick Gold Crown IV. This table is the Black edition made by Brunswick with factory tighter pocket sizes (4 1/2" on the corners), and the Brunswick tournament logo skirts. I am unsure if Brunswick called this a limited edition, tournament edition, at the time of the IV. But it later became...
  2. flyvirginiaguy

    Archived/Televised Billiards Matches

    Having the topic come up in several recent threads and over the years as well brings up a good question. Would anyone know ways and/or best ideas for getting a hold of old Billiard archived matches from say ABC World Wide of Sports/ESPN? I have tracked it down to a link for ordering archived...
  3. flyvirginiaguy

    WTB April 2004 Issue of Inside Pool Magazine

    WTB a copy of the April 2004 Issue of Pool and Billiard Magazine. This issue supposedly featured an article on Balabushka, and a photo of Cisero Murphy together with George. I would very much like to add this article and photo to a large archive I have on George. Let me know if you have one...
  4. flyvirginiaguy

    My Son Aiden

    I was going to post this in un-pool related. But sometimes even un-pool related things effect us lovers of the game. So, for all of my fellow pool playing friends. Please show some support my son Aiden (whom also seems to love playing pool with Dad at an early age of 4), by voting online for...
  5. flyvirginiaguy

    Tim Scruggs Cue

    Here is some pics I found on an old disc of a Tim Scruggs I used to own. Sorry for small pics, but all I had saved. Figured some might enjoy seeing another of Tim's work. One thing I really remember about this cue is the green veneers really popped and stood out across a pool room. Really...
  6. flyvirginiaguy

    $$$$--Josey Cue Made For Tony Watson--$$$$

    Selling this for a very good friend of mine that bought this cue at the U.S. Open some years ago. This Josey cue was custom made for Tony Watson when he was sponsered by Keith Josey. It was presented to him in 2005. The cue can easily be verified through contacting Josey Cues. Though pretty...
  7. flyvirginiaguy

    Josey Cue Made for Tony Watson

  8. flyvirginiaguy

    Lucasi LC6 Soft Case

    Anyone have a pic of the inside of the Lucasi LC6 soft case? I have googled it to death, no go... Looking for a little better light carry around soft case. I have the LC3 for carrying. as I really like the lightweight and no worry of an expensive case when going to tournaments etc... But...
  9. flyvirginiaguy

    Another Bushka? Real, not real. that is the question... The very pics I wanted to see are kinda blurry... No feedback either...:shakehead:
  10. flyvirginiaguy

    New Cue Arrived Today!

    First off, I have to thank a few people in the making of this particular cue. One of those is Guycrunch (Guy). You know why I thank you... Another is vinniebabarooch (Troy). Troy helped with all of the measurements with the plastic rings in the butt of the cue. They match perfectly his...
  11. flyvirginiaguy

    Progress Pics of New Cue

    Here is a couple progress pics of a cue I am having made with a John Davis blank. The red in the butt sleeve is the original 60s material as used by George in his cues. I think it is coming along nicely. These pics are before any finish sanding etc... obviously. Got a few people to thank on...
  12. flyvirginiaguy

    Visit from Shane Johnson (Cuephoric)

    Got a visit from Shane (Cuephoric) here on AZ. Shane setup a Tournament Edition Gold Crown IV for me that I bought from Dave (Spiderwebcomm). Shane did an outstanding job and had the table packed very nice. Glad to meet you Shane and again thanks for the awesome playing table setup. Also...
  13. flyvirginiaguy

    Need a Table Moved

    I need to get a quote on moving a Gold Crown from York, PA to Danville, VA. You can calculate mileage and add in for Simonis 860 and the setup. Just send quotes or an email for more info to
  14. flyvirginiaguy

    U.S. Open Diamond Table

    Hi all, I had recently sold a GC 4, as I really like the play of the Diamonds much better personally. But, I had a few questions regarding the Diamond tables that will be used at this years US Open. I looked on their site, but did not see anything about them yet. Anyways, will they be the...
  15. flyvirginiaguy

    Beautiful Steve Klein Custom Cue For Sale Take II

    It is priced generously so don't miss out. Pricing also allows way more than enough to have Steve replace the MOP name plate to the new owners specs. Whether it be a blank piece of MOP or a name engraved as the one in the pics. It has Original hard to find Cortland linen wrap, original...
  16. flyvirginiaguy

    Klein Bushka Style Cue $1500.00 + shipping/paypal fees

    deleted listing.
  17. flyvirginiaguy

    ~~~Special Delivery~~~

    Just got in my latest and greatest Steve Klein cue. Can't say enough about the work Steve put into this cue and its final result. Through many many emails, we come out with this final result with perfect execution. The balance of the cue as well as everything is executed perfect. It just...
  18. flyvirginiaguy

    Awesome Kleinbushka in the works

    The classic cues of George Balabushka have always been my favorite cue designs. Thus, after being VERY happy with Steve building me what I believe was one of his first attempts at creating a Bushka tribute cue (the cue is still featured on his website under older cues), I went back to him to...
  19. flyvirginiaguy

    9ft Brunswick Gold Crown 4 with Simonis 860

    I have for sale a Brunswick Billiards Gold Crown 4 pool table. It is a 9 foot table. It has lightly used Simonis green 860 cloth and is in great condition. It will also come with a billiard light and Brunswick Centennial Ball set. The table is for local pickup only obviously and the location...
  20. flyvirginiaguy

    4 Bulb Billiards Pool Table Light

    For Sale is a 4 bulb Billiards table light that is in great shape and in working order. Simply mount and plug in to standard receptacle. This is not one of those scrawny lights you see all over billiards sites, it is actually well made and approx 8 feet. Being this light is VERY long and...