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  1. rpandrew

    APA US Amateur Championship Preliminary Round

    SeriousPoolTV will be streaming APA's US Amateur Championship preliminaries at Bumpers Billiards of Huntsville (Alabama) this coming Saturday (23rd) and Sunday (24th). Tune it in LIVE by going to and clicking SeriousPoolTV. This venue will have two past US Amateur Champions...
  2. rpandrew

    Alabama State 9-Ball Championship LIVE Stream w/Commentary

    LIVE Stream with commentary provided by on SeriousPoolTV - Alabama State 9-Ball Championship Pool Tournament, September 9-10 at Bumpers Billiards, Hoover (Birmingham), AL.
  3. rpandrew

    Stream w/Commentary:Robert Hall vs Joe Johnson

    AMRO: Rob Hall vs Joe Johnson - Thurs, Dec 1st at 7PM CT LIVE HD Stream with Commentary on SeriousPoolTV: Robert Hall vs Joe Johnson playing American Rotation to 140. Champion of the league wins entry and lodging at AMRO National Championship and all three Derby City Classic tournaments. Go to...
  4. rpandrew

    BJ Kavanaugh vs Jeremy Carroll -

    LIVE HD Stream with Commentary Thursday, November 3rd at 5:30 PM Central Time: - One Pocket race to 2 games - Straight Pool to 60 points - American Rotation to 60 points This is a match at Bumpers Billiards of Huntsville (Alabama, USA) between BJ Kavanaugh and Jeremy...
  5. rpandrew

    Ultimate 10 Ball Championship in Aruba April 29th-May 2nd, 2010

    Ultimate 10 Ball Championship site
  6. rpandrew

    Where to play near Cape Canaveral, FL

    I will be in the Cape Canaveral (Titusville, Melbourne), FL area Feb. 3rd through 8th, 2010 and am looking for some good places to play some pool. I enjoy 3-cushion billiards and snooker as well. Any suggestions? Thanks, Richard