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  1. howaboutnever

    Farewell Heritage 10-ball tournament at New City Billiards and Cafe, NY

    Where’s New City going?....and why?...and when? thanks,VR
  2. howaboutnever

    Sold Schon early w/ extra veneered rings

    Dear Don ...You’ve been PayPalEd...thanks,VR
  3. howaboutnever

    Movie Scenes with pool tables

    The Killing of a Sacred movie that even has a pool table in it.
  4. howaboutnever

    Fargo Billiards is closing?

    Yes...Flushing is in Queens.
  5. howaboutnever

    Condolences to Ed Liddawi, Sandcastle Billiards

    I remember her and your father at the Make It Happen was always nice to see them,VR
  6. howaboutnever

    Fargo Billiards is closing?

    Isn’t Carom Cafe in the borough of Queens???
  7. howaboutnever

    Cuemaker, Garten Bierbower at SBE.???

    ...anybody know what booth he’s at?....thanks,VR
  8. howaboutnever


    Cue: 18.9 oz 2-shafts: 12.3 mm
  9. howaboutnever


    This is da picture
  10. howaboutnever


  11. howaboutnever

    email for Ned Morris?

    I’ve got a cue of his and a question about the ring got a way to reach him?.....thank you,VR
  12. howaboutnever

    Sandcastle 9/24/17 one pocket....?

    Who won?.....thanks,VR
  13. howaboutnever

    Paging Danny Harriman

    Left a Pm on AZB for Danny...I want a "351" if you know Danny tell him to check his PM's. Thanks,VR
  14. howaboutnever

    Seattle poolrooms

    Name some u like...I need a list thanks,VR
  15. howaboutnever

    Mosconi & Caras in new movie

    Listen up..they appear at 23:51 in the film "It follows". VR
  16. howaboutnever

    2 cues (predator/lucasi) for sale

    greetings... these are 2 cues I'm posting for a friend one is a sneaky pete Predator with an OB1 shaft it's 19 oz and has a radial pin... some work was done to it by a Texas cuemaker...the price is $190 the second...
  17. howaboutnever

    runarak....solid citizen!!

    ..just bought a beautiful fanelli butterfly from joe....a seemless transaction, good communication via phone and e-mail,cue delivered quickly and packed securely...I couldn't be happier...joe's the guy to deal with. vr