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    Sold Loaded Durbin FS

    I will let pics speak for themselves. $3000 obo 3 Shafts one unplayed, 1 Diveny Keelwood shaft PM with questions/offers. Not looking at trades currently.
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    4 point Phillipi player

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    WTB 3/8-10 Kielwood shaft

    Looking for 3/8-10 kielwood shaft around 12.75mm I would prefer a Diveny but i will loo at all offers. Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!
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    WTB 3/8" Lathe cut off bits for Porper Mini lathe

    I need what the title says, please PM pics of what you have and prices. Thanks
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    Derby Rooms seem more expensive this year...

    Just booked my room for derby and depending on the night its around $200 or $300 a night...I know there may be some discounts or codes offered in the coming weeks like in the past but as of right now its very pricy. However its usually a sell out so I see why the hotel gets every penny they can!
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    *REVO* Shaft 12.9 with 3/8-11 joint

    Just like the title says, very little play G2 medium tip on it. Joint converted by Paul Drexler $600.00 shipped.
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    WTB: ZAN Premium soft tips

    I need some ZAN Premium soft tips, not the standard but the premiums. The seem to be sold out everywhere. If anyone has any please PM me. Thanks
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    For sale: Shots, moves, and strategies

    Excellent like new condition copy $150 shipped.
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    For Trade 2 new soft it’s George cases

    I have 2 new George soft cases I want to trade for a decent 1x2 hard case with a pocket for my young son to use. Giuseppe or something like that would be perfect. PM me with offers. Thanks
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    Whitten 1x2 for sale

    Black leather Whitten 1x2 older model I believe with the heavy smooth leather. Has a few scuffs but nothing major, still a solid classic case. Feel free to PM with questions. $200 shipped.
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    WTB Lathe cut off bits for Porper lathe (3/8")

    Looking for some good lathe bits that will hold up and stay sharp for a while. Does anybody here have any they wanna sell or a good source to get a couple ? Thanks...feel free to PM me
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    Whiten 2x4 for sale

    I have a 2x4 Whitten in like new condition used for storage. $375 plus shipping. PM me if interested. First come first serve. SOLD
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    Revo Tip Replacement

    I have a couple customers with revo shafts wanting new tips, any advice would be appreciated from those that have done it. I know the red pad on them is a big deal to watch out to not mess with. NOTE: I have a porper lathe and have been doing tip and shaft work (on the side) for 15 years so I...
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    LTB: Jump/Break Cue

    I am looking to buy a new jump break cue. I am open to pretty much anything although I would really like to find a Mace, so if your selling one of those I am definitely interested. Feel free to PM me or send pics of what you have. Thanks
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    My new Durbin

    Picked up my new Mike Durbin cue at his shop this weekend during the annual Durbin cup. What a great cue, Mike was flawless to work with. I couldn't be more pleased.
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    J.W. Hager 2x4 for sale

    Excellent condition black leather 2x4 Hager case. Comes with the Hager bridge also. $400 plus shipping. Feel free to PM me. Thanks SOLD pending pmt
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    Alex Brick Jump Break Cue For Sale

    Great condition used for a couple months $550 PM me for questions Thanks... SOLD PENDING PMT! THANKS
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    A few Derby observations

    I was at the derby from Thursday thru Sunday playing in the banks. A great time as usual wanted to share some both positive and negative observations, feel free to add yours or agree or disagree with mine. -Its obvious the Horseshoe is in bankruptcy as I the over all condition of the place has...
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    *wtb: Gtf case*

    Looking for GTF cases, 1x2 or 2x4 if you have any please PM me with pics and prices. Thanks
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    Wtb: Jack justis roadrunner case

    Looking for a road runner case, basic brown or simple style is what I am looking for, PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks