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  1. rdwell


    Unrestored rare 5 veneer Diamond king. Cue is in the bluebook of cues. Excellent condition. 7500.00
  2. rdwell


    These are some of the finest cues Mike ever made. The workmanship is unbelievable. These are one of ones and are the the bluebook of cues and the billiard encyclopedia. All three are test hit only and have been stored in a collection for years. 39,000 for the set. 253 381 1932
  3. rdwell

    Big black boar

    I am cutting another cue out of my collection as I am fine tuning makers. This is a highly inlayed 8 point BB and they don't come along very often and I don't think they are even being made any longer. Excellent like new condition. Sorry in advance for the picture quality. Fantastic cue at a...
  4. rdwell

    New predate southwest cues

    A good friend of mine just sold me two SW cues he bought new in 1996 and 1999. They are like new and only test hit. I couldn't resist not buying brand new, original owner, paperwork SW cues. This would be almost impossible to find.
  5. rdwell

    Eye candy additions to my collection

    I begun collection some of Bob Manzino's work and along the way I picked up my first Black Boar. I have two more of Bob's cues coming I will post when they show up. Thanks to my friends here on AZ helping me purchase these great cues. I will be looking for a couple more Manzino's along the way.
  6. rdwell


    I sold my Gina feather cue and Manzino to someone I think named Mike in 2017 and I may be interested in buying them back. If someone can help with contact I would appreciate it. I am also looking for a couple more big Manzino's as well Randy 253 381 1932
  7. rdwell

    Gus szamboti barbell for sale

    Pristine Gus Szamboti barbell cue. These cues are very rare and seldom come to market. I am thinning out my collection. This cue was fully restored by Barry a few years ago and is in perfect condition test hit only by me. Rolls straight together and apart. Comes with an Engels case. GONE. Butt...
  8. rdwell

    Palmer model m

    I am looking for a very nice condition Palmer Model M. Must be 58 or 59" I have one but want this one as a present for a very close friend of mine. Send me a text or email picture and price. Thanks in advance 253 381 1932
  9. rdwell

    Gus szamboti box cue

    Very rare ebony box cue. Gus made very few of these and it has a rare leather wrap. Cue rolls straight together and apart. Very fancy ring work at joints. Restored by Barry and comes with an LOA. Just parting with a few Gus's from my collection. May put towards a trade for a big Manzino. Butt...
  10. rdwell

    Wanted 9' centennial pool table

    I am looking for a restored 9' Centennial table preferable on the west coast as crating and shipping from a long distance seems to be a big and costly effort. I am only looking for an original restored table, nothing that has been reconstructed. Replacement slate is fine. Let me know what you...
  11. rdwell

    Ebony gus szamboti

    Extremely rare ebony Gus Szamboti. ALL original with letter from Barry.This is one of the gems out of my collection. Gus made approx 25 ebony on ebony cues. PM for price and if you know Szamboti's this is not a cheap cue.
  12. rdwell

    Frank paradise trio for sale

    I am selling my set of Frank Paradise cues. One is a Diamond King with two shafts and unrestored, it is pictured in the Blue Book of cues. One is a Black Zephyr with inlays with two shafts in excellent condition, and the other is an Aristocrat with one shaft and a slight roll in the butt. 8,500...
  13. rdwell

    Barry szamboti for sale

    Like new Barry. 4 Barry shafts and one OB shaft. I purchased this cue from the original owner who had it made in 2002 per the letter of authenticity. Cue and shafts are near perfect. Set comes in a 4x2 It's George case and has original authentication letter with it as well. Not looking for any...
  14. rdwell

    Barry Szamboti Cue

    I was lucky enough to communicate with the original owner and purchase his Szamboti he had built by Barry in 2002 as verified by the letter of authenticity He kept it in pristene condition and it has been played very little. It plays very well also as all of my Barry's do. Sorry in advance for...
  15. rdwell


    In my journey for an antique Brunswick table conversations have come up about newer high end tables like the Brunswick Royal Knight and others in Brunswick's 2000-2002 run of fancier tables which appears to have been short lived. Also coming up are the tables built by Charles Porter from the...
  16. rdwell

    Group of barry szamboti cues

    I was inspired by Will's post of the Native American themed cues. They were absolutely stunning. I decided to put up my group of Barry's and thanks to you that have helped me on the adventure. Sorry for the poor pictures I am not very good with a camera.
  17. rdwell

    Brunswick pool table wanted

    I am looking for a table to put in a home I just bought in Palm Springs, obviously the closer the better. I am looking for one of the following 9' tables: ARCADE. JEWEL, HUDSON, KLING. I prefer 6 leg models. A friend of mine is also looking for a 9' centenial in restored condition as well...
  18. rdwell

    Mike bender cue

    I am selling another phenominal Mike Bender cue. It is from a very select number of Mike,s most famous work. You can see the description of the cues on his site. It is called Cabin Fever Lanai Petroglyphs. The cue is stunning and in test hit only condition. A must have for the true Bender...
  19. rdwell

    Frank coster cue

    I am selling a VERY rare Frank Coster cue. It is in pristene test hit condition. Anyone who follows Frank,s work will know the rarity of the cue. A steal shipped overnight. GONE
  20. rdwell


    For sale is a very RARE Tad. It is a 28 point all IVORY point cue. Tad made 24 point and othere variation of points but 5 28 point cues. Fred Kohara said Tad made less than 5 of the ivory cues and was made in the 90's by Tad himself.Butt, joint etc's is ivory as well. The cue is test hit only...