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  1. gmcole

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    They can’t be still playing at 7 am can they? If not, Who won?
  2. gmcole

    More cool posters

    I’ll take 1,2,3 & 4
  3. gmcole

    Where can I buy actual photos of pro players for my pool room?

    I’m looking to get 8-10 framed actual photos of today’s top professionals for my pool room. I don’t want movie posters. I want actual cropped photos blown up to fit in a common sized poster frame. I was told to contact a pool tourney photographer and buy the prints from them. If anybody can...
  4. gmcole

    Maybe the nicest 9’ Gold Crown available

    Gold Crown 2 totally rebuilt (about 2.5 years ago) to Diamond Blue Label specs by Jack Zimmerman. Rebuilt and extended sub rails with new Artemis rubber. 4.25 inch pockets. New pocket castings, new GC4 type flush pockets, new original Formica and sights, new feet, new original Brunswick logo on...
  5. gmcole

    Video Set Up- Need some help

    I am looking to set up a nice video system on my home table. I want a quality, single fixed camera set up. Most of the time would be to record practice sessions/drills/fundamentals etc. Would like to have it hooked to a TV in order to review instantly. May also want to eventually do some live...
  6. gmcole

    Exceed ignite carbon fiber shaft

    United joint. Test hit. Has original Zan tip. Trade for Meucci Carbon Pro 3/8x 10 or 3/8 x 11 or sell for best offer
  7. gmcole

    Revo 12.4 uni-loc

    About 1 month old. $450 shipped or possibly trade for a Cuetec Cynergy with Uni-loc
  8. gmcole

    Predator Road line with Revo 12.4

    Revo carbon fiber shaft 12.4. Road line butt is Ebony nose,curly maple handle with natural,black and red veneers. I can send pics to email or text. My email is $old shipped with friends/family PayPal Thanks jeff
  9. gmcole

    WTB Mezz WX900 and/or EXPro

    PM what you have. Must be 29”
  10. gmcole

    WTB next wx900 or EXpro

    PM me what you have. Only interested in 29”
  11. gmcole

    Predator P3 limited edition with Revo shaft

    Reduced to $1300 shipped or best offer. Includes Predator extension, Predator weight kit and original Predator box.
  12. gmcole

    Jumping Jax 3 piece Jump-Break $350 OBO

    Green diamond wood with matching diamond wood joint protectors. Ver good condition.
  13. gmcole

    Jumping Jax Diamondwood jump/Break cue (Green)

    Excellent condition, best offer. Can't figure out how to post pics.
  14. gmcole

    WTB Used Tiger Ultra X LD any joint

    Pm or email me please
  15. gmcole

    30" Mezz (Exceed) EXPro shaft united joint

    Shaft has been played with but in like new condition. Would consider trade for same shaft at 29" or $275 shipped.
  16. gmcole

    BCM Birdseye and others from small collection

    Posting for an elderly, small collector. More cues to come, he has maybe 10 Custom cues and several dozen older Production and Limited Production cues including an ivory column Nick Varner Meucci and a Nick Varner Joss NVJ1. BCM is birdseye with linin wrap and nickle silver RR track rings...
  17. gmcole

    Jerry Franklin Ebony into Birdseye South West

    Pin # 456-96. This cue may have been finished after Jerrys passing. The owner talked to Laurie and she said that Jerry would have worked on this cue. 6points of Ebony into birdseye with Red and Blue veneers. Butt weight is 15.4 oz. Comes with 3 shafts , 2 South West , both 3.6 oz and 12.35mm...
  18. gmcole

    Jack Zimmerman Experience

    I had Jack and Todd do a Gold Crown for me a couple months ago. New sub rails, new cushions, new Formica, new castings, complete refinish, and installation of table and Simonis 860 HR. I went with 4 1/4" pockets to diamond specs. I wanted a Gold Crown that played great and didn't look 50 beat...
  19. gmcole

    WTB Gold Crown 4 within 300 miles of NW Ohio

    Before I pull the trigger on one much further away, I thought I check for something closer. Pm or email me please. Thanks Jeff