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  1. David Marcus

    Mosconi Cup Schedule

    It's official 👍🏽🏆 USA!! USA!! USA!! USA 🇺🇸
  2. David Marcus

    Help with Pool Experiment , 2016

    I would appreciate some assistance with this post, it was originally posted in 2014 and the response was very helpful as part of the experiment. I would ask that if you have viewed this before that you not respond. I'm looking for a fresh perspective as part of this experiment...
  3. David Marcus

    AZB Channel on Roku👍🏽

    Just happened to check my Roku for new channels after purchasing a new Roku TV and stumbled across a brand new AZB Channel with matches from various regional tours and some previous PPV matchups. Just wanted to spread the word and say thank you to everyone involved in putting this together...
  4. David Marcus

    How do you play this rack?

    Curiosity question.....start tape at about 7:30 to view layout in question, you'll have about 40 seconds to decide. Keep in mind, friendly game, no $$ on the line. Did you play it in your head the same as the shooter did?
  5. David Marcus

    Old Pool Photo..need some help

    Saw this on a wall at a pool room, didn't recognize it. It appears to be a seen from a movie but nothing I've ever seen. Anybody recognize the actors or movie? That's a pretty big pile of cash! Interesting chalking technique😖😧 Thanks in advance for any help
  6. David Marcus

    A message to Mike Dechaine

    Spelling matters!
  7. David Marcus

    Congrats to KMRUNOUT!!

    Congratulations to Kerry on winning the Eastern States Championship Amateur Title for 2015. Down 6-2, and 7-4 then getting to 8 to extend the race to 10 and finally winning the title 10-9! Way to grind it out Kerry:thumbup2:
  8. David Marcus

    Four Contributors To The Death Of Pool

    Interesting article that I thought was worth sharing. Four Contributors To The Death Of Pool Pool will die unless we fix this sport By Matthew Sherman, Billiards Expert I love this post I found online by Johnny Henson of Baker, Montana. Here it is shared, warts and all. I'm all in as one of...
  9. David Marcus

    Any Streams from SBE?

    Just wondering if any events at all will be streamed from SBE? I know last year POVPOOL streamed the TAP event but I understand he will not be attending. It would be nice to see the pro events streamed especially with MC points in play. Anybody know about any possible stream?? Thanks
  10. David Marcus

    Follow up to "Help with Pool Experiment"

    Well, it's been quite awhile since I've posted any videos but I thought it was about time. I want to thank all my fellow AZers for their input and constructive criticism. I original started this experiment as an exercise to see if a brief sample of observing someone play would be enough to gauge...
  11. David Marcus

    14.1 pound baby !

    Is this child destined to become a pool player?
  12. David Marcus

    What's going on with Danny Harriman?

    Watching some of AZBTV today and heard Upstate mention that Danny Harriman was in critical condition. Al seemed reluctant to disclose exactly what the situation was but that we should be sending prayers his way. I can totally understand Al's point of view from a privacy stand point but was...
  13. David Marcus

    How quickly can you gauge a player's speed?

    I'm interested to know how much time is needed for any of you to approximate a player's speed ? Do you need to see him/her in a gambling situation? Can you judge it just as well in a tournament match? Is it possible to do it simply by observing a short practice session ? How much observation...
  14. David Marcus

    New England 9 Ball Tour Championship LIVE

    Live Now, Hot seat match Stan Rupard (7) vs T.J. Marshall (5). Stan up 3-1
  15. David Marcus

    Is this one of those well kept secrets?

    Whenever possible, balance yourself along the vertical plane that runs thru the tip of your ring finger on your bridge hand and your front toe by putting pressure on both.
  16. David Marcus

    TAP Brackets? Stream?

    Anybody have any info from Dallas?
  17. David Marcus

    Anybody else do these kind of rail drills? Four Hangers At LEAST three rails indirect, try to runout in four strokes. I've been able to get to 3 numerous times, finishing in five, but never four. Good quick drill to do to get the feel of the table(speed,rails,rolls if any). Also a fun game to play against...
  18. David Marcus

    Strange Coincidence?

    I'm not into Astrology but I saw this on Twitter and it struck me as odd. Three of the greatest players EVER all born so close together? Very intriguing ... November 3 – Ralph Greenleaf November 4 – Jim Rempe November 5 – Luther Lassiter Things that make you go mmmmmmmm....:scratchhead:
  19. David Marcus

    Two Words to help everyone's game

    I find that if you consciously think about these two words when you are down on a shot you will be amazed at how much better you will play, especially in pressure situations or if you are just having a tough session. BASIC Balance, Absolutely Still, In Concentration PLAYS Pause, Look At Your...
  20. David Marcus

    Help with Pool Experiment, part B

    I would like to test a theory with the help of my fellow AZers. My theory is based on the premise that ranking a player as an A,B or C is at the very best subjective depending on where your own playing level is and just as importantly how you "perceive" your own playing level to be. I would...