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    i'm looking for a classic fly reel, preferabbly a Bogdan

    any interest for a deal for your Bogdan or comparable classic fly reel 3" or smaller. i've got a full splice joss 68-73 ivory joint, an r10 schon.
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    For what it's worth

    just got a new schon shaft from joerackem on the bay. great packing job! round tube inside triangular box. inside a plastic sleeve,bubble wrapped, dense foam at ends to keep all safe and sound. speaks volumes about a professional quality packing job. no newspaper here! lol.
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    joss on ebay is this guy full of hot air?

    claims jerry franklin worked in joss's shop.
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    WTB schon shaft with stitch rings AND micarta ferrule

    title says it all. gotta be STRAIGHT, no taper roll.
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    2cool2miss website?

    can any of you all get the site to show up? may just be my carrier or something.
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    need advice on name removal on cue case

    i got a great looking old leather brunswick cue case. i want to use it when i get the strap/latch replaced. big problem is the old name on it. to quote "AnitoKid And I kid you not!" not the guys name was richard goode. so i now have a great case with d#*k goode on it! really don't want to carry...
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    need helpwith a sledgehammer weight bolt help

    anybody have a pic of the weight bolt for a gulassy sledgehammer cue? thread/diameter of the bolt? will a large set screw work? mine is preMcD.
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    cue back from ryan!

    hoping to see pics from ryan(ratcues) with the before/after pics of my cue. he recently replaced a cracked ivory joint and made a new shaft for my old 4 point JOSS(presplit). looks great.
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    looking for teaching CD that includes joe tucker's breaking secrets

    looking for teaching CD that includes joe tucker's racking secrets i did a search, could not find it. i have seen a site that had a CD that included joe tucker's racking secrets as well as their own teachings. anybody remember, know, use? thanks for any help.
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    old cortland linen new supply?

    i email cortland line's customerservice recently about the line used by cuemakers for cues. this is what i received back: Hey Woody, We probably still make it? If not, we can. Send me a sample to: Cortland Line Company Inc. 3736 Kellogg Rd. Cortland, NY 13045 Attn: Jeff Ackroyd Industrial Sales...
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    ebay brunswick:

    does anyone know who made this cue? brunswick? schmelke? ajay? anyone? anyone? i got a cue butt similar from the ebay recently...
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    who wanted a soft george case recently?

    sorry duplicate post
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    who wanted a soft george case recently?

    I looked for the thread, probably looked right over it(4.5 hrs sleep will do that to you). anyway somebody wanted a soft george case recently. give me a pm, please. you will like it, i think.
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    keys for george cases

    hey folks i have 4 its george cases; need two keys for them. one is the older latch(fellini style); the other is the newer style. for the newer case a key blank would work- a friend has a key that will work in my newer style. thanks for leads, woody
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    baltimore bullet cue?

    does anyone know who made cues with "the baltimore bullet" in gold lettering on the shaft? a guy brought one into the local room a couple weeks ago and asked me for help. i did not know but you guys know everything and then some! thanks for any help. woody
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    fight it out! ebay old micarta ferrules

    they are there.
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    positive buys from fast&loose and billiardbum

    i recently won an ebay auction from fast&loose on ebay,great deal, fast shipping. i also recently got a great deal from billiardbum. fast shipping, just as yhe said it was! thanks to both these guys. i would not hesitate to deal with these AZBer's again. thanks to these guys from woody
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    Don't Click On Ebayscamlink!!!!!!!!

    When You Click On Ebay Scammer Link Your Ebay Feedback Page Shows Up. Somebody May Have Something Going On Here That Is Not Right.
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    diamond slate for sale

    i have a friend who has some slates for diamond 9' tables. i think he has maybe 4 sets . they were taken off and replaced with new slates. i don't believe there is anything wrong with them.. he dooes have two more pieces that he chipped getting them loaded when the lady running the poolroom said...
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    diamond slate for sale

    running too fast,sorry guys/gals