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  1. our_auctionguy

    Custom Huebler - Project Cue

    SOLD. to an upstanding AZB member. Thank you.. I recently acquired a custom shop Huebler with original shafts and original Huebler cue hard case I am open to sell for a reasonable offer or will send it off to get refinished. Specs: 19.45 and 19.6 oz Level 4 Custom Ebony as described below...
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    WTT Cue case stand for Kamui chalk

    WTT Cue case stand for Kamui chalk or ??? Deal made and TRADE in progress. Deal has been done.Larry
  6. our_auctionguy

    Very Fine Elephant Ear Wrap 4-1/2"x12-1/4"

    SOLD Found this left over and would like to sell it for $OLD . Paypal or a 1 oz silver bullion coin (Eagle, Panda, or ??) delivered to me, preferably the latter. Will send first class mail. The flesh pore dimpling is small. The skiv size it evenly thin and supple with the back like fine...
  7. our_auctionguy

    Jim Baxter 4 point Coco & Birdseye

    Beautiful Cocobolo and Birdseye with ringwork and Jim's custom JPs. Weighs 18.8 Oz (14.8 butt and 4.0 shaft). SOLD In short, the cue plays nice and hits solid. I wouldn't be selling it if I played any longer, but I can't play any longer due to neck issues. I tried getting back into playing...
  8. our_auctionguy

    WTB 3/8-11 Joint Protectors

    Looking for wooden 3/8-11 set of JPs made out of bacote, ebony, or even nice curly maple. Not looking to order some to be made. If you don't already have a set, I'm not interested in waiting. Just need a 2 pc set, but a 3 pc is fine. Mercury dime ends would be cool if available... ciue they...
  9. our_auctionguy

    Lady's Custom carved Fellini Name "Janett"

    SOMEBODY GRABBED IT MINUTES AFTER I POSTED THIS. And to think I almost changed my name to Janett just so I could buy it.
  10. our_auctionguy

    My beloved Les Blevins and Rusty Melton 2x2 case needs a new home

    As they say .. all good things must come to an end. The Les Blevins is SOLD. The Rusty Melton case is SOLD. ALL WILL SHIP TODAY Danktrees, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR HELPING OUT WITH THE PICS and the SUPPORT!!!!
  11. our_auctionguy

    In Atlanta/Alpharetta for 3 weeks... Where do I find:

    In Atlanta/Alpharetta where do I find: 1) the best 9 foot tables ? 2) the best pool rates with decent 9 footers? 3) the safest place to play without a bunch of kids or bangers. 4) the cheap action like $20 sets? Not looking for th hip hop / rap crowd. Just wanna play on some good equipment and...
  12. our_auctionguy

    WTT Instroke 2x4 Buffalo for 1x2 Thomas

    WTB 1x2 Thomas Case or Trade 2x4 Buffalo + cash I have a used but not abused 2x4 Buffalo Instroke that I would like to trade for a Ron Thomas 1x2 used or new. With the Instroke, I will include a detachable stand that has folding legs that works great. I will do cash up or down depending on...
  13. our_auctionguy

    WTB 3/8-10 12mm-12.5mm Varney shaft or ?

    I need a second shaft for my Varney SP that hits solid and stiff. My current shaft is running a Kamui Hard tip and I want a second shaft to outfit with either a Kamui soft or another layered pigskin soft-medium tip to tone it down a bit for different games. If you have a STRAIGHT tight grained...
  14. our_auctionguy

    F/S - Greg Kucharski on eBay

    My Greg Kucharski is up for auction on eBay. Offers considered...
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    WTB Varney Player (SP or PJ)

    I am interested in acquiring a Varney player .. not a JB. Prefer weight to be 18.75 -19.4 with polished clearcoat finish. SP or plain jane if it exists. Nothing fancy, just a solid player. Shaft size preference ranges from 12mm-12.75. I do not really care for standard 13mm, but won't rule it...
  17. our_auctionguy

    Billiard Membership Clubrooms - do they exist?

    Living in Boise, I find that the options for places to play is not the greatest. I pretty much quit going out for this reason. I was curious if anyone has ever been able to put together a True Membership based room similar to a private club, but open to the public for special tournaments, and...
  18. our_auctionguy

    F/S - Les Blevins & Greg Kucharski GK cues

    F/S - Nice Greg Kucharski GK cue $600 Greg Kucharski 19.1 oz & 19.5 oz - Was $750,$700,$650 NOW $600 !!- NO TRADES The Greg Kucharski is a rock solid hitting 5/16-14 bushka jointed Hoppe with gunsights and barbells added recently and refinished by Greg. The ring is a new Ivory ring and the...
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