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  1. cuesdefuentes

    Sold JB Cases

    Just trying to clear out the closet. They are used but not abused. 4x8 Has the dynamite pockets (deeper than standard pockets) sold 2x5/3x4 white sold 2x5/3x4 sand sold all prices are f&f or add 4% for goods and services. I will cover shipping. open to reasonable offers as well.
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    sugartree - 6pt purpleheart/koa - 3 shafts

    6 point 3 high/3low purple heart forearm with koa handle and points. all three shafts are 12.7mm and 29". butt is 29" with 3/8-10 pin. 19.5ish oz. $1800 OBO, no trades. text for faster response 2one0.two4zero. three 6 six 5
  3. cuesdefuentes

    sugartreee - 6pt purpleheart/koa $1800 obo

    3 hi/ 3 low points 58" even split Shaft 1 is 4.25oz with 12.7mm tip Shaft 2 is 3.8oz with 12.7mm tip Shaft 3 is 3.8oz with 12.7mm tip Butt is 15.25 oz Less $1800 OBO no trades
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    help ID please i found this about 25 years in a pawn shop. gave it to my cousin if he agreed to fix it up. he seems to think it is a JW but i have my doubts. the buttcap has been replaced and the inlays in the points were missing when i found it. any help would be appreciated...
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    Judd Fuller

    Holly forearm and butt. Leather wrap. Cored with ebony. 3/8x10 pin Butt = 28.25" / 14.5oz Shaft = 29.75" / 3.63oz Tip = 12.25mm unknown brand Joint = .833 $1000, will consider trades. I am listing this for a friend and do not have possession of the cue.
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    test pic
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    test pic

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    predator 314 precat

    relisting with correct title and reduced price. sold. 12.75mm tip .845 joint 5/16-14 thread 29"
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    Willard tipping maching

    Selling for a friend. Used. needs a little cleaning up. Sold.
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    tiger shaft

    I have a Predator 314 (pre cat) shaft for sale. $sold. 12.75mm tip .845 joint 29"
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    Mcdermott D-11

    A friend of mine recently picked up an ebony D-11. I have never seen one like this and we were wondering about value. It has ebony points, ebony butt, ebony hexagons, standard stitch ring joint and shaft collar, black butt cap, and a leather wrap.
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    lathe help

    not sure if this is the right place to ask but i need help with my porper model b. the spindle will not turn. it still gets power and the power feed is still operational. i am fairly certain that the speed control dial is the problem. i have a voltage meter but not sure which wires i need to...
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    Baxter full splice and Adams case

    Ebony full splice Jim Baxter 18.5 oz 29/29 butt and shaft 13.25mm shaft sold Adams 1x2 case Decent condition, the lock is a little stiff $125, obo Cash only, no trades. Sent from my iPad using AzBilliards Forums
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    Help with ID

    Does anyone know who this is? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    anyone got a router for a hightower they want to sell?
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    cue value

    any value in a BRW Huebler that is in need of a refinish. i have been offered a trade for the one I have. just not sure if the trade is worth it. it is one solid piece, no wrap.
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    shop for sale

    just saw this on ebay.
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    favorite linen

    if you could only buy one spool of linen at a time (until it runs out), what would be your first choice? yes, i am fishing, my cool coordination is lacking.