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  1. shadowmoss

    A few PFD's

    Here are a few from the Master cue makers at PFD.
  2. shadowmoss

    Ash shaft blanks

    Just cut up some tight grain white Ash shaft blanks. Any interest send me a message. BTW in the next few years all the Ash in this country will be destroyed by the Emerald ash borer. $25.00 per blank plus shipping, min 4 pcs ($125 shipped) Quantity limited
  3. shadowmoss

    Sweet playing SCRUGGS

    A few to enjoy.
  4. shadowmoss

    Thank you ALLEN for another great SBE event.

    Thank you Allen and to all the people that worked to make this happen. With out you there would be nothing. Thanks again.
  5. shadowmoss

    New PFD

    Another masterpiece from Paul and Ellen. Arizona Desert Ironwood and Ebony.
  6. shadowmoss

    Picked up new PFD today.

    I was in the shop the other day and saw this blank and told Paul to finish it. I loved the wood. Amboyna burl. Wished the pictures were better.
  7. shadowmoss

    My first 3 Scruggs.

    Stumbled on this old picture.The top cue started it all. What an awesome player. Everyone that tried it wanted to buy it.
  8. shadowmoss

    (:(:(: Supper Rare Scruggs / Southwest Monster player :):):)

    Can I play ? Here we have a monster player never to be duplicated. One of a kind cue. Dean had this cue made from a TS cue and finished by SW and all the money was donated to Mike Cochran's Widow. Thanks Dean.
  9. shadowmoss

    Another pool room gone.

    To whom it may concern as of next week Torrington billards in Torrington Ct. will be closed. Owners have been evicted.
  10. shadowmoss

    Ebony TS closet find.

    This Beautiful Ebony cue was one of the cues from Tim's closet at his house. Another Great Friend that will be missed. Enjoy
  11. shadowmoss

    The Art of PFD

    As always pictures will never beat holding these in you hands but here's a taste of some beautiful art work and great playing cues.
  12. shadowmoss

    Sad news. Tim Scruggs past away last night.

    I will post more when I know.
  13. shadowmoss

    RIP Tim Scruggs my friend.

    Sad news,Tim died last nightI will post more when I'm able.
  14. shadowmoss

    2015 SBE Cue Photo's

    Let's see all the cue purchases from Super Billiards Expo. Any cue bought at SBE will do. Time to show what can be bought at SBE for those that can not attend. Cases are fine too. Here is a Steve Dunkel that was waiting for me. Loaded with copper and brass. oaded with copper and brass.
  15. shadowmoss

    Amateur division

    Just want to say what a great job Kevin West did getting to the finals.
  16. shadowmoss

    Need help

    I was trying to put inlays in a cue to dress it up but was having problems. Do you think the milling bit is to big? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Eric
  17. shadowmoss

    Ash Shafts

    Here is a few shafts and blanks out of White Ash. I cut this tree down 3 winters ago and put it on the sawmill the next day. i will be at SBE in Cory Barnharts booth if you would like to see them. .
  18. shadowmoss

    Cory Barnhart / Tim Scruggs

    The story is when Tim closed his shop Cory and Bob Frey each got half of the contents of the shop. Cory had a lot of unfinished parts and with them assembled the Scruggs parts to finished cues while adding his own touch ("SCRUGGS by BARNHART" was born). The first batch was 5 cues that had 4...
  19. shadowmoss

    Whitten Cases

    Needed to clean up all the Scruggs in odd cases. Now I will be a little less cluttered. Thanks to Drawman623 getting me four 6x12 with TS logos.
  20. shadowmoss


    Lets see who knows the story behind these 2 cues. Just got the MC this week. Eric