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  1. Derrick Steel

    NEW JB Butterfly 4x8 Case

    For sales is a brand new (never used) JB case. Black on black. I paid $600 for this case ordered directly from JB Cases. Black leather Total length 34" All metal parts are gunmetal colored 4 butt/8 shaft (removable) 2 pockets (8x5 and16x5) and a business card holder Padded shoulder strap...
  2. Derrick Steel

    FS: NEW 2013 Barry Szamboti Cue

    SOLD Thanks, Derrick
  3. Derrick Steel

    FS: New South West Cue

    For sale is a brand new un-played South West satin cue. I purchased this cue back in February and never played with it. It is the best looking satin style cue I have ever seen. Cue is straight together and apart. I have not had the chance to take any pictures but cue is still in the same...
  4. Derrick Steel

    FS: NEW 2012 Ed Young Ebony/Ebony 15 Point Cue

    Sold Thanks, Derrick
  5. Derrick Steel

    FS: New 2012 Tascarella Hoppe Cue

    SOLD Thanks, Derrick
  6. Derrick Steel

    FS: NEW 2012 Ed Young Ebony/Ebony 15 Point Cue

    Cue is no longer available. Thanks, Derrick
  7. Derrick Steel

    FS: NEW 2010 Ebony/Ebony 16 Point Sugartree

    Sold Thanks, Derrick
  8. Derrick Steel

    FS: Tim Scruggs Joint Protectors

  9. Derrick Steel

    FS: 2006 Sugartree Sneaky

  10. Derrick Steel

    FS: New Ron Thomas 2 x 4 Case

  11. Derrick Steel

    FS...New Jim Murnak Case

  12. Derrick Steel

    ****FS...Tim Scruggs Sneaky****

  13. Derrick Steel

    JB Case Review

    I purchased a 4x8 butterfly style case from John last year and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I recently purchased two of JB's nylon style cases (3x6 and 2x3) and for every day use nothing I have used beats it. No worries about damaging cues or scratching up the case. The...
  14. Derrick Steel

    FS ***NEW Schon Hoppe Cue***

    For sale is a new unchalked Schon hoppe style cue. I purchased this cue new from Dean on az. Ebony / BEM with 4 points and 4 veneers. Steel joint with standard 5/16 x 14 pin. Three Mother of Pearl inlays in each of the four points. Leather wrap. 58" Weight 18.5 - 18.6 Butt 14.4...
  15. Derrick Steel

    Fs ***new blue grass / richard harris cue***

    FS ***NEW Blue Grass / Richard Harris Cue*** For sale is a stunning wrapless BEM and Ebony cue built by Richard Harris. Cue is in mint condition and shows no signs of use. Weight is 19.3 oz. Butt is 15.5 oz and shafts are 3.8 oz. 58" 2 x 13mm shafts with medium KAMUI tips 3/8 x 11 joint...
  16. Derrick Steel

    FS 2007 Bluegrass / Richard Harris

    For sale is a Bluegrass sneaky pete. Cue was built in 2007 and is dated and signed by Richard. Cue is in mint condition and shows no signs of use. Gaboon Ebony / Maple 58" Butt weight 16.8 Shaft weight 3.5 , 13.1mm SOLD
  17. Derrick Steel

    FS**New South West Cues Joint Protectors**

  18. Derrick Steel

    2010 Ebony/Hickory Burl Sugartree

    2010 Ebony/Hickory Burl Sugartree SOLD
  19. Derrick Steel

    FS**Hickory Burl Sugartree**

  20. Derrick Steel

    WTB NEW Szamboti @ SBE

    I will be at the SBE on Thursday and Saturday and I am looking to purchase a new ebony pointed Barry Szamboti cue. Would prefer a hoppe style cue. If you will have one for sale please let me. Only 10 days left until the big show. :D