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  1. bazkook

    Sold Predator Revo 12.4 BVP carbon fiber shaft for radial pin

    Still available. Lowered price.
  2. bazkook

    Sold Predator Revo 12.4 BVP carbon fiber shaft for radial pin

    Used in great condition. Original Predator tip. Predator leather case and joint protector in picture are included. $360 plus shipping. PayPal +3% preferred. NO TRADES.
  3. bazkook

    Handicapped 9-ball Tournament - July 8, 2017 - Dawg House Bar & Grill - Macon, GA

    Handicapped Monthly 9-ball tournament at the Dawg House Bar & Grill. Averaging 30-40 players per month. 634 Shurling Drive Macon, GA 31211 478-750-9050 Sign-up starts at noon Calcutta starts at 1 PM Entry Fees (includes $5 green fee): $30 - Males, $10 - Females, $5 senior/military discount Two...
  4. bazkook

    Hangelar Open - August 26-28, 2016

    I apologize if this has already been posted but I did not see anything in the Live Stream Area on the first page. Here is a link to details about the event. Johnny Archer is playing Ralf Eckert in 9-ball right now. I saw that Johnny had shared the live stream link on his Facebook page...
  5. bazkook

    Filtering music in background during live stream

    A local streamer had the audio removed from his streamed videos after they finished recording to Facebook and YouTube due to copyright claims from songs playing through the bar's jukebox and now he is having to mute the audio completely to avoid copyright infringement issues. The streamer's main...
  6. bazkook

    To call a foul or not to call a foul?

    This weekend I was playing in a weekly local American snooker doubles tournament where partners are drawn blindly. The tournament is double elimination and there was only 8 teams. My partner and I lost our first match and won our second match. On our third match we were winning by a large margin...
  7. bazkook

    Worst Hustler Ever

    Has anyone ever ran into someone like this?
  8. bazkook

    Potential pro caliber players in APA league

    I know many of you have different views on APA but I would like to ask for an honest opinion on a matter I ran into recently. This weekend I participated in one of the Singles Regionals qualifiers for the National Singles tournament. Many of the players were from around the Atlanta area and one...
  9. bazkook

    TAR 20 SVB vs Earl DVD

    I am looking for a copy of TAR 20 with Earl and Shane playing on the 10 footer. I saw where Justin was selling off the last of his copies but unfortunately I was unable to snag one. Please email me if you have a copy or know of anyone who has one. Thanks!
  10. bazkook

    Gambling between pro players

    Sorry if this has already been asked or addressed but I am curious if the any pro snooker players in the U.K. or other European countries have matched up and played for any significant amount of money? If so for how much and what was the race and format? Thanks in advance!
  11. bazkook

    WTB: Joint Protectors for Dayton Radial Pin and Mezz Power Break 2

    I am looking for a joint protector for the butt of my Dayton cue with a radial pin and also for a set of joint protectors for the butt and shaft of my Mezz Power Break 2. Email me at for faster reply. The Mezz has a "united joint" system. I would like to see if anyone on the...
  12. bazkook

    Mika Immonen

    I haven't heard anything about Mika lately. Has he been playing in many tournaments? Has he hit a dry spell? He was winning tournaments left and right or at least placing well but lately I haven't seen any headlines about him.
  13. bazkook

    Has anyone ever played at Tara Billiards?

    I just got wind of a handicapped barbox tournament on Friday nights at Tara Billiards in Jonesboro,GA and I am interested in playing in the tournament. Has anyone ever played there or know someone who has played there? If so, describe the place. According to the details I was given, the entry...
  14. bazkook

    TAR 20 on DVD?

    Does anyone know if there are any plans on bringing the match to DVD? I would definitely be interested in buying a copy if there were.
  15. bazkook

    Set a personal best tonight!

    The following was done under American snooker rules on a 5x10 table with 6 reds. I ran a personal best of 42 points tonight. I started with a red,pink,another red,and the black, and went on to run the whole table. Before anyone belittles my accomplishment,I have only been playing snooker for...
  16. bazkook

    WTB Mezz Power Break I or II or comparable jump/break cue

    I'm looking for a Mezz Power Break I or II (preferably the PB2 because of all the rave reviews I've heard of it) or a jump/break cue that is comparable to the PB line. I would like to spend no more than $400 shipped. Please email any sale offers with pics to PMs will work as...
  17. bazkook

    Pechauer Pro Series Prototype cue with one shaft

    Pechauer Pro Series Prototype cue SOLD I am selling a Pechauer SP262 prototype cue. The cue is based on the PR18 model and has a different stain color in the forearm and reversed veneers. There are a few chips in the finish near the butt plate but otherwise the butt is in excellent condition...
  18. bazkook

    Pechauer Pro Series Prototype Cue and 2x4 Instroke Case FS

    Pechauer Pro Series Prototype Cue Removed for lack of interest.
  19. bazkook

    Any recorded videos of any of the events?

    I was wondering if there were any videos of any of the events that may be floating around on the internet? I've been looking for any recorded streams but haven't had any luck yet.
  20. bazkook

    Never saw this coming...

    While playing in the local league last night,I found out that the pool hall I spend the majority of my free time at will be closed for 4-6 weeks. The reason:a leak in the roof caused a portion of it to collapse. I don't know how extensive the damage was but according to someone that was...