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    Antique rail bolts stripped. Need to know how to fix them

    I am recovering an 1905 pool table. It has the old style rail bolts with two holes that bolt into the slate however, the holes are stripped out*****EDIT: the holes on the table not the holes on the bolt*****. Is there any way to fix this issue? I was thinking drill bigger and put in a heli...
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    Identifying rail rubber

    Got another one for you guys. I have a set of rails off of a Handy, but when I pulled it off it is considerably bigger than k55. It's almost a1/16 th wider and to the noise is almost an 1/8 th inch. Don't have pics right now but I'm comparing it to brand new k55 and it is easily bigger. Any ideas.
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    how to differentiate between rail rubber

    Is there a foolproof way to differentiate between the rail rubbers when replacing the rubber on a table? I thought it was color but this person swears up and down it is k-66 on his table. How do i know for sure which one to use?
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    Radius of the cut of a leather wrap

    Does anyone know the exact radius that needs to be cut at the top and bottom of a leather wrap. I am trying to design something in a 3d program and i need the exact radius for both the top and bottom of the leather wrap . I think i remember it being in my cue man book but I don't have it here...
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    Having problems separating joint protectors after finishing

    Ok first off i don't have sanding mandrels. I know that is one option however, I have made probably 20 or 30 sets without issue until now. Im using a super glue finish. I have tried leaving them on my drive pins and then screwing them together after finishing. I have tried leaving them...
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    viking weight bolt

    Does anyone know or can check the size and thread of a Viking weight bolt. Im making something for a friend that has a Viking and i don't have access to the stick at this time. If someone knows please let me know. I think it is the same size as a Joss.
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    Stack leather wrap video

    There was a stack leather wrap video on cue components that he sold for like 10 bucks. I have seen the "short version" on youtube. ( However there are some gaps in there. Does the real one show more or is it just this part and then another part that...
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    Copy joint

    ok so I have this guy what wants me toe reproduce these two joint collars on to some sneaky peats. (he bought out Danny Veighs when they went out of business so he has I believe fifty of just the shafts with no butts) And it looks pretty straight forward I think. it looks like I can buy the...
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    simonis video

    Has anyone ever seen the Simonis Rail & Bed Cloth Installation Training DVD they sell at Seyberts? Is it on youtube anywhere? I don't mind spending the money but not if i have already seen it. And before someone starts flaming me, no i am not looking for a free copy. I have watched almost...
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    felt coming loose

    I installed a simians 860 hr on a valley table using super 77 spray adhesive as I have in the other 50 or so tables I have done and never had a problem. I got a call from the client saying that the felt had come up at the end. I went out and pulled the felt completely off Cleaned the slate...
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    help identifying tip

    I got this tip an a shaft of a Schon I bought. I have looked around at Muellers and Seyberts to see if I could identify it by one on there but can't seem to. Heres what I know for sure: 1) It has the color of maybe a Moori, but it definitely is not a Moori. 2) It has 6 countable layers...
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    looking for Birdseye maple

    I have a friend with a Richard Black that wants joint protectors made for it and he wants it to match his stick. The forearm is Birdseye maple and I would need enough to do a butt and two shaft protectors. I know I can get full blanks but figured I would see if anyone has any cut offs laying...
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    problem with finish.

    So I got this Schon that was in really bad condition. The finish had a few chips in it. So I decided to refinish the cue and put a stacked leather wrap on it. So I stripped the old finish off and applied a cyanoacrylate finish. It came out beautiful except where I had to cut into it to...
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    Handheld steamer

    Im looking for a nice, inexpensive, steamer for dents. I already have an iron I use but would like a steamer. I know they are out there but does anyone have one they swear by, or have any suggestions for one, or more importantly have ones to avoid at all costs. I know wal-mart will probably...
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    My first forearm repair and refinish.

    So because I had to get myself a break cue (the shaft shattered on my bk2 after I put a Taom tip on it and the tip cracked after the second break.) I had an old fury sitting around where the pin broke and cracked the forearm about an in down from the collar. I was doing it more as a proof of...
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    carbon fiber shaft ferule replacement

    Ok so a guy is bringing me a carbon fiber shaft that he shattered the ferule on. He wants a ferule tip combo put on. (its his break stick) Now I'm guessing the shaft is either one of two kinds of construction: 1.) Carbon fiber laid over wood like Cuetec does (i know they use fiber glass, I...
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    Taom tips

    Does anyone know where someone can buy Taom tips? I see plenty of people saying they have them but no one has said how much they are or where they got them. I know they are from Finland, and haven't been fully released in the US yet, however I see plenty of americans with them, so there must...
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    need help on cue smith

    OK so I got a sweetheart deal on a lathe. It is a "The Cuesmith" lathe. Im guessing one of the originals. But i can't find anything on it on Chris' sight. I'm guessing i have most of what came stock. I know I'm missing the tool post but I'm not exaclty sure which one to order. I know...
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    first wraps

    One with panther is a practice one i did. Brown one is my first lizard wrap. Look at them and see what is wrong with them and let me know. Im just looking for some constructive criticism and anything i could have done different. Thanx in adavance for any help anyone can give me.
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    ltb radial tap (ball tap)

    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells radial taps less than 60 bucks (Prather) or is that pretty much my bottom price I'm going to find. I have a project where I need one but I really don't want to break the budget for a tap I will rarely use. That or does anyone have an old one they want to...