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    Cuetec SVB Dakota Edition Arrived [emoji41]

    My Cuetec SVB Dakota Edition cue set arrived.
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    Konllen Nano Chalk Arrived

    I ordered the Konllen Nano chalk. Hopefully it doesn't kill me. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
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    Best Custom Leather Case Makers?

    What are the current best in leather (heavy thickness) case makers? Thanks.
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    My 2x3 JB Ultimate Rugged Case

    Here a couple pictures of my JB Case. Ultimate Rugged 2x3. Black with red stitching, and a red interior. [emoji41]
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    Recommendations on a Predator Cue $600 Max?

    What Predator cues do you recommend at the $600 range? It will be my first Predator. Thanks.
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    Replacement Shaft fot McDermott G206?

    What size replacement shaft would I need for a McDermott G206 cue? Also, any recommendations on any of the new low-deflection shafts? What should I get? Thanks.
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    Cuetec Earl Strickland SST cue age?

    Does anyone know when the Cuetec Earl Strickland SST cues were made? I can't remember when I bought it. I'm guessing the late 1990s. Should I start using it again, or has this become a cue that now has value? Thanks.
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    New Case & Cue: Lucasi and Instroke

    My Lucasi Custom cue and Instroke Premier 2x3 arrived. [emoji1360]