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  1. gsm1sw

    Latest Brunswick Anniversary Restoration Project! Model D-C 9'

    You could have used a little brasso on that nameplate. :)
  2. gsm1sw

    The Billiard Barn In Neville/Carlisle?

    It depends on the amount of restoration needed. I would classify them as refinishers. If it is just refinishing they do ok but if there are problems like missing wood (small areas) expect wood filler I would use them to install but I send my rail work out to Jack Zimmerman.
  3. gsm1sw

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Didn't think I was here that long but join date states Jan 18, 2009
  4. gsm1sw

    bugs rucker

    Kinda late but thanks for the info. Just created a cd of those. Plus this needs a bump.
  5. gsm1sw

    I played 23 games of pool.

    For the truly frugal try three ball. Five games per rack $1 per rack x 20 = 100 games :)
  6. gsm1sw

    Griff's in Las Vegas

    Was there a qualification test??? I don't recall taking one.
  7. gsm1sw

    Who is the BEST mechanic in the US????

    Do you have a contact number for Oscar?
  8. gsm1sw


    Will the corner shields from a Brunswick Moderne fit correctly to the aprons on an Anniversary?
  9. gsm1sw

    Gold Crown IV pockets

    A full set of never used pockets sold
  10. gsm1sw

    9' Centennial w/ ball return
  11. gsm1sw

    Centennial Table(s)

    Due to life circumstances, I would like to sell either or both of my tables. Reduced to SOLD Top table is ball return, bottom has pockets both tables have been sold
  12. gsm1sw

    Centennial pedestal problem

    I sent these out to be refinished. but in the process of doing so the person refinishing became ill and could not complete the job. I retrieved the parts but did not notice that the pedestals were missing some wood until I tried to reattach the aluminum. As you can see there is a 1" gap...
  13. gsm1sw

    spring/lockwasher help

    I am looking for eight of these lockwashers. They are used for the castings to rails on early Centennials and are used with a 1/4x20x2 1/2" bolt. The OD is 1 1/8". I have already check with Ken Hash and Mark Gregory
  14. gsm1sw

    1940 Brunswick Centennial Pool Table - $800 (Carthage, NC) If only I wasn't in Ca
  15. gsm1sw

    wtb: 10/22 Mannlicher stock

    Just looking to see if anyone has this type stock for sale.
  16. gsm1sw

    brunswick sportking $100 Boston
  17. gsm1sw

    gold crown $600 Dallas, Tx

    Not sure if still available but here: another for $800
  18. gsm1sw

    Gold Crown $700. Orlando, Fl
  19. gsm1sw

    gold crown III $600 Coventry, CT

    one for the New Englanders:
  20. gsm1sw

    Gold Crown I $400 Phoenix

    It's like there is a sale on. there are some deals everywhere