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  1. Philthepockets

    Brunswick Monarch Mission Style B circa 1909

    I have come across one of these for sale in 9ft, it's in the home of the original owner and is in nice condition. I am trying to come up with a value for it but have a couple questions. I believe these came with Monarch rubbers, what would be the best playing replacement without sub rail work...
  2. Philthepockets

    Best Non commercial tables

    Looking for a used 9ft and wondering what the best playing home style tables are worth looking at, no buckets and no ugly tables either :) I always had a soft spot for the balke collender style
  3. Philthepockets

    Whitten 2 X 4 Case

    Whitten 2 x 4 case with some minor wear on the bottom and the inside of the lid, otherwise in nice condition. Sold sold sold thanks
  4. Philthepockets

    TNT Purple Heart/Bacote Jump Break Cue

    TNT Purple Heart/Bacote Jump Break Cue. Phenolic tip & ferrule, new thread pins with phenolic inserts much stronger than original. Very nice condition. $200 shipped lower 48 Shipped within the US no customs or duty. buyer pays Paypal.
  5. Philthepockets

    Some wood

    I am moving house and have a bunch of lats and veneers of wood. Just want to see if there is any interest or worth in it before it gets binned which would be a shame but if it's value is less than shipping then I guess it gets thrown Sizes and qty's are rough estimate tbc, this wood has been...
  6. Philthepockets

    Phenolic-Juma-Taps-Pins-Delrin-Thread Mill etc

    sold fast, thanks for all the calls lol phones on fire. Left over supplies from repair business sold as a total lot, sorry I will not separate it's all or nothing so please don't ask thanks. Lots of Linen phenolic, Delrin, nylon, juma, carbon fiber, Aircraft alloy rod and tube of all sizes...
  7. Philthepockets

    Magic Rack New cloth madness

    Haven't been on a pool table in over a year but went out to try out a few things that I had been thinking about. I got asked for a game by one of the locals and we played on a on a Brunswick Metro (big Pockets) with new cloth and a magic rack. What a silly game it turned out to be, soft tap...
  8. Philthepockets

    Radial Blanks

    Who has the best radial blanks, need 2 right now, must be at least 30" should have put WTB in the title sorry :) Thanks
  9. Philthepockets

    Death of a sport (Long post)

    It does not feel like 40 years but checking my calendar, noticing my 55th birthday cards on the mantle and admiring the slippers I received as a gift from my wife and the boys it shocks me into the realization that it is indeed 40 years. 40 years since I first picked up a cue in anger, I...
  10. Philthepockets

    Touch of Dead Center (Dr Dave?)

    I almost never hit center ball (along the vertical axis) I will strike just above or below and adjust speed to get what I need. Now here’s my thinking and correct me if I am wrong (what on AZ???:grin:) With a dead center strike it feels like you are absorbing the whole mass of the CB, the CB...
  11. Philthepockets

    Seattle Room circa 1920

    anyone know the story of this room
  12. Philthepockets

    China Open Final
  13. Philthepockets

    CBSA website Hacked??

    CBSA website Hacked??
  14. Philthepockets

    WTB Final Taper shafts

    Looking for a few final taper shaft blanks AAA and straight only please, thanks.
  15. Philthepockets

    Nice out!

    Nice blue from Stephen Lee at the China Open about 11:30 on this video:
  16. Philthepockets

    Ralph's 10 ball break

    What do you see as the strength of Ralph Souquet's 10 ball break, he seems to do pretty well in 10 ball events with it.
  17. Philthepockets

    Malarkeys Tacoma WA

    Just want to say a big thanks to Malarkeys In Tacoma WA for a great tourny this weekend. Great room, excellent food and really nice staff, plus the tables play great too. If your ever in the Tacoma area you must check out this character room, one of the best! :thumbup:
  18. Philthepockets


    My buddy was asked to re-do some tables at a local room that had just been done not so long ago. He got a "good deal" from the previous "mechanics" lol
  19. Philthepockets

    It's in the blood

  20. Philthepockets

    FS: Keith Ebony/Birdseye Maple

    SOLD Brand new (test hit only) 10 point (4 up, 6 down) full splice Gabon Ebony/Birdseye Maple Keith Kue by Keith Hanssen. It has very nice trim rings and comes with two shafts and joint protectors. Asking $SOLD shipped lower 48 or Canada. No reasonable offer refused. Cue Specifications Weight...