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  1. ykndoit

    Jeff Olney 6 point (3 high/3low) SW style cue

    Great condition Olney cue here. Birdseye and Pau Ferro. Great hitting cue. Straight together and apart. Minimal blueing on the shaft. Milk dud tip Approx.19.5oz Approx. 13mm tip No need to wait, get one now. $595/+shipping-insurance
  2. ykndoit

    Is it me? or my cushions????

    I'll start with saying I have a 7' Diamond Pro-Am and a 9' Brunswick Medalist(1990's version). IMO... my diamond plays the way it should. Active cushions. Proper cushion height. 1 7/16" my brunswick plays slower, not the way it should. BUT proper cushion height. 1 7/16". The...
  3. ykndoit

    WTB Used Simonis Bed Cloth for 9' table

    I recently purchased an older Brunswick table and the rails were still in great shape so no need to redo the rails. The bed cloth was ripped in half though! With that said, I'm looking for someone getting rid of some older bed cloth for a 9' table. So if anyone has recently recovered their...
  4. ykndoit

    Wts/wtt brand new in package championship mercury ultra 9' cloth-green

    SOLD I Just purchased a table and got this cloth with the purchase. It is brand new in the package and has bed and precut rails. It is for a 9 foot table. If you have what I'm looking for(Simonis 860) and wanna trade? Great!!! I'd be happy to pay the difference. Otherwise, I will sell this...
  5. ykndoit

    Picking up a few Brunswick Medalist and a Monticello

    Going to pick a few up this weekend. They use to be in a pool hall. Any certain things to look for when taking them apart and loading them up? Anything Medalist specific to note? I have read that the GC, Medalist, and Monticello are very similar. This true? Pros? Cons? of the Medalist and...
  6. ykndoit

    4 person Team Tourney Feb 17&18 in Des Moines, IA

    No green fees. Added Money. Open tables. 100%+ PAID BACK. Can't beat that....
  7. ykndoit

    Looking for a Super Aramith Pro #5 ball

    Mine got lost. If you have an extra one, I'd be glad to take it off your hands! I'd be more than happy to pay for shipping.
  8. ykndoit

    Brand New J Flower Tribute 2x4 Brown Cue Case - $8 per spot or $30 for 4 spots

    this case is supposed to be one color
  9. ykndoit

    Ending a Match on a foul and winning?

    I think this situation(or a similar one) has came up before on a different thread but I can't find it and don't remember the ruling so maybe someone with some knowledge can give their insight..... In a ball count match(not just wins but ball count per game with a win counting as 10) can you win...
  10. ykndoit

    Cue 'ID' ID?

    A local brought a cue into the pool hall this weekend and was wondering what kind it was. No one could figure it out and I didn't take a picture of the pin(the location of the maker ID). But I do remember it resembled the outline of a house with a few extra lines. Maybe more but this is all I...
  11. ykndoit

    cue id?

    I don't have a clue on this. Don't know its value or era. Any help would be appreciated. No marks on this cue at all as far as a maker. it has a strange weight bolt that looks like a big phillips head bolt. It looks to have a cortland wrap. The cue is real straight. It could use a refinish...
  12. ykndoit

    AZ Billiards owes me $250,075.00!!!

    Due to this site being down last night I was "forced" into taking the family out for dinner: $75.00 and while it was down this morning, I was forced into putting an offer on a lot to build a house:$250,000.00 = $250,075! I won't sue for punitive damages which could easily enter into the 2 comma...
  13. ykndoit

    WTB Sneaky Pete/Plain Jane Butt for Meucci Shaft

    My brother is looking for this. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition. Post here or pm or email me pics and asking price. Less than $75 is his budget for something like this and he would prefer to spend even less. He said the thread is 5/16 x18. Thanks, Brad
  14. ykndoit

    WTS J.Pechauer Curly Maple cue w/ extra pred. shaft

    I am selling this cue for my brother. I have hit with it and would say it hits just like a predator does with either shaft.(how ever you can describe that!!!) It weighs about 19.5. Tips are about 12.75.( If needed, I can get exact weight and measurements) It is curly maple with a 'wine'...
  15. ykndoit

    Elforyn playability vs Ivory playability?????

    What are the differences in playability between ivory and elforyn? Can you tell the difference if 2 cues were the exact same but one had an ivory joint OR ferrule and the other elforyn? I had a predator 314/2 with an ivory ferrule and one with a factory ferrule(titan), both with wizard...
  16. ykndoit

    Why do YOU play Pool Leauge????

    Just like the title says! If you have multiple reasons, you may choose them. I recently had a character issue with myself at league testing my integrity to the game which brought me to this poll. here is the story if you care SO, Why do YOU play Pool League??? to compete? to drink? to...
  17. ykndoit

    post test

    trying to set up a poll
  18. ykndoit

    SO, Whats your thoughts on the JB Case Video? I watched it this morning and was curious as to what the Justis case owners and possible Justis case owners thought of the video. This is not to side one way or the other. This is just out of curiousity. I own a few Instroke cases, an...
  19. ykndoit

    How much does Playing/Beating the Ghost measure your skills

    Over the last 2 days, I have played the 9 ball ghost 4 times(2 races to 9, 2 races to 7). Before this, I had never played the ghost before. I have beat the ghost twice in those times(One of the two times I lost, I missed a hanging 7 on the hill). scores were 5-9, 7-6,6-7,9-7. I only used an...
  20. ykndoit


    just like the title says. Since this is a buyers market right now, lets start with what I am looking for. I really want a box veneer Runde with 8 points, ivory joint, ivory ferrulles, 2 shafts. Not to be picky! I just had a deal fall through because of a promise that was made to another...