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  1. youngstownkid

    Restored to Perfection?

    This is the quick version story of my awful weekend: Two weeks ago Bill Smith posted about a table for sale for 6k that he had access to that was restored to perfection. Before I could get much more information he posted that it was sold. Then last week I saw the same table posted by Bob...
  2. youngstownkid

    WTB: Thread mill attachment for older CS

    I have someone who wants a custom wood pin. Does anyone have an older thread mill they would sell? If I can’t find one, I might have a referral for someone.
  3. youngstownkid

    Auto feed for 64 pinion

    Mine just died. Does anybody have an extra one they can part with? I don’t see any currently on Hightower’s website, mid America’s website, uniques website, or taig’s. Actually, I saw one on mid America but it said 48 pinion, and wasn’t sure if it will line up the same if so I can just swap...
  4. youngstownkid

    Barbecued Maple shafts

    In an effort to avoid any trademark problems, this has been renamed. I’m also now able to give some even better deals. Those who bought from me with the previous prices will get an automatic $30 discount their next order. Barbecued Billiard Supply pricing: 1”x1”x30” shaft squares: $30 each...
  5. youngstownkid

    Router mount

    Looking for a router mount that would not be able to spin. There are two tracks in the cross slide, so has anyone made a mount that screws into both tracks? Two legs are better than one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. youngstownkid

    Kielwood for sale

    I have some nice figured squares available... ...and I have some 1x1x30 plain squares available. All pieces are just slightly over 30” long. 4 plain for $150 shipped (continental US). I imagine these will go super fast. All of the squares are perfectly straight. Contact me via private...
  7. youngstownkid

    Huebler weight bolt

    Was it common for “weight bolts” to be epoxied in back in the day and used as connectors? I’m new at this (so there a ton that will surprise me) of course, but I was surprised to see that this weight bolt was used to join the butt cap to the sleeve. Wasn’t expecting I’d need to use the torch...
  8. youngstownkid

    Larger Dead center

    I can’t seem to find a larger dead center without a Morse taper. Anyone know where to get one?
  9. youngstownkid

    New felt

    I just recovered my table and I hate the way it plays right now. The rails seem a little bit less lively and I hate the way new felt plays. I assume the cloth was pulled a bit too tight, too.
  10. youngstownkid

    Fiber trim rings

    I’ve been told that fiber trim rings will bleed into your finish. Is this something anyone here has experienced?
  11. youngstownkid


    Is anyone interested in going together for a large purchase? PM me and I’ll provide details. MM
  12. youngstownkid

    Wood identification

    I was hoping you guys could help me again with identifying what I took from an old beat up bar cue. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. youngstownkid

    Wood identification

    Does anyone know what this is? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. youngstownkid

    House cues

    I bought several cases recently only to learn that there are steel rods epoxied into each butt. I’ve been mostly unsuccessful trying to remove the metal without damaging them. Also, are there any currently manufactured house cues that are worth converting? I’ve searched previous topics but...
  15. youngstownkid

    WTB: Kiel wood

    Not sure how to spell it, but saw a shaft made of it and I want to try it. Where can I get my hands on some?
  16. youngstownkid

    Tap fitting for 3 jaw chuck

    I was looking for a fitting for my square ended tap, so i don't have to cut 3 grooves above the square in order to prevent it from sliding. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I was hoping to find a hex shank with a female square hole. Do these exist? If this isn't what you guys use...
  17. youngstownkid

    Need Radial taps

    I need some radial taps...and Atlas is out of stock. Who are the machinists who can/will make a quality tap? Or I f anyone has some to sell I'm interested. I'm looking for two standard and two oversized. Yes, oversized, not undersized. If you can reply or PM me, i would appreciate it!
  18. youngstownkid

    Router Vertical Mount for Cue Smith Deluxe Cross Slide

    Does anyone have one they can part with?
  19. youngstownkid

    Cross slide - is something missing

    I was getting a significant cross slide movement, as if I was going over a bump, when tapering near the joint end. After nearly ruining a shaft, I took my cross slide apart and cleaned everything but am wondering what the circular cutout is for. Is there something missing?
  20. youngstownkid

    Wood stabilizer

    Hey guys, I am trying to get started on building, started setting up shop, made a dipping tank,'s still empty! I did a search on here hoping I could find a good discussion on the different wood stabilizers out there. I've head of Nelsonite but it seems that you can't get it anymore...