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  1. deadbeat

    Cut a house cue

    Dang, got asked to cut a house cue, had a ring middle way. I told the owner it likely had a bolt there, it did. I cut it fine. I drilled it and bored it, almost done and boring bar sent last 1/16 threw the side of the butt. What did I do wrong? I ran a 1/4 end mill, then the boring bar.
  2. deadbeat

    Motor Controller

    My motor controller died on my mid america lathe. I bought another resistor and replaced the bad one and it burnt back out again. I talked to Todd and he told me what a new one costs. My question, my old one did last 9 years, but is there something better I should buy or just get another like I had?
  3. deadbeat

    Sneaky Shaft too white

    Guys help me out, I have a shaft nearly finished on an old conversion sneaky, one I took the finish off of and am ready to apply finish to the shaft and the butt. The problem I am seeing is the shaft is way too white for it to look good to me. Is there a way to yellow the maple shaft some, maybe...
  4. deadbeat

    Joe Barringer DVD's

    All 10, SOLD shipped, first post gets first chance, I'll PM you. I forgot to mention, I would be willing to trade for some equipment.
  5. deadbeat

    Cue Building Disc

    30 bucks shipped, first post gets it, I'll PM you if you are first.
  6. deadbeat

    Bye Bye Scroll Chuck

    I think I will like this much better than the scroll chuck.
  7. deadbeat

    Atlas TH-54 Halfnut assembly

    I have the half nut assembly from an atlas th54 I would like to sell. I has the ball, spring, both half nuts, and handle. I think these are the part numbers : 9-13,10D-38,10-29,9-61,9-210 & 9-62 x 2. I would like SOLD if anyone can use it but am up for best offer.
  8. deadbeat

    Christmas presents

    Presents for niece and nephew. I am not good a taking pictures, the coco really had a lot of figure. oh well.
  9. deadbeat

    Tired of Masking

    I got tired of trying to mask the bottom of the shaft and the top of the butt when shooting auto clear so I made these little delrin spacers on the last 5 that I cleared and they worked great. Just wondering if anyone else does anything like this?
  10. deadbeat

    A few almost ready for finish

    A few almost ready to finish.
  11. deadbeat

    WTB Boring Bar

    I am looking for a boring bar to do my pins with. I'm guessing I need something around 1/4 by about 2.5 inches bore depth. Not having much luck after looking for a while. Does anyone have anything like this that they would want to sell or any recommendations?
  12. deadbeat

    Hightower DVDs

    I have the following Chris Hightower DVDs I would like to sell. 1. Advanced Cue Building : Points and Inlays 2. Advanced Cue Building : Cue Assembly, Boring, Coring, Tenons and more. 3. Basic Cue Building: Includes tips, ferrules, reconditioning, shafts,wraps,tapering, joint work and more 4...
  13. deadbeat

    WTB Solid Brown Irish Linen

    I can't seem to find a solid brown Irish Linen. I need a dark brown similar to the walnut brown at Atlas. I don't care if you only have large or small roll, I just need enough to do 1 cue but will buy more if needed. I have checked atlas, prather, schmelke, mueller, and a couple google searches...
  14. deadbeat

    Coring Sizes

    Got a question, I am about to core some forearms and I have the 5/8 drill and 3/4 drill. Which would you use and why? The main reason I don't want to use the 5/8 is because I usually open up the joint collars a little and haven't got the best idea how to overcome this. Should I make my coring...
  15. deadbeat

    WTB Wild Mango Burl

    I need a piece big enough to make a butt cap out of that matches this picture. It is the top piece of wood below.
  16. deadbeat

    Lathe Bed

    After doing a little bit of time killing reading on Taigs' website, does anyone fill their bed with concrete as Taig suggest to do? Would there be any real benefit. I have a couple that are not just hadn't really thought about it.
  17. deadbeat

    Used Headstock

    All Items sold.
  18. deadbeat

    FS Amboyna Burl 1.5 X 15.5

    I have a piece of Amboyna Burl a little over 1.5 square and a little over 15.5 inches. SOLD
  19. deadbeat

    WTB Taig 4 jaw independent chuck

    Looking for a 4 jaw independent chuck, used hopefully, just need it for one job so I thought maybe someone has one laying they would like to sell before I buy a new one.
  20. deadbeat


    I have used 5 minute epoxy before and waited until it setup some before pushing it on to prevent the expoxy from soaking in and leaving a dark line behind the ferrule. I have also heard people say 5 minute epoxy has no business being used for ferrules even though I have never had one pop using...