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  1. rookie

    Horn Joint

    Iam ready to have a new cue built. Nothing over the top four point, Irish linen wrap just a nice solid player. My question have any of you guys owned or played with a horn jointed cue? What are your opinions on this material? I have a large piece of Axis deer horn that would work. I was going...
  2. rookie

    Looking for a coach

    Looking for an instructor in the Springfield Missouri area.
  3. rookie

    Need some info

    Anyone shot with a Wes Hunter cue or own one? I am getting a new cue have decided on Wes or a Gilbert. Owned a Gilbert at one time but have never used or seen any of Wes Hunters cues. Thanks guys!:thumbup:
  4. rookie

    My new Gilbert Cue...

    Well i picked up my new Gilbert 2 weeks ago and thought it was time to post some pics. Cue has 4 cocabolo points with black,gray,green,gray black veeners. Cue is 19.6 with both shafts. This cue hits and plays awesome, Andy and his wife Vickie were great people to deal with, really nice...
  5. rookie

    Missouri 9 Ball Championship

    Just wanted to let everyone know the Missouri 9 ball championship is being held at Billiards in Springfield MO. Feb. 8th 9th and 10th. :cool:I will be there hope some of you can make it.:D