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  1. AlinEdm

    Edmonton Pool Players Association

    I noticed the EPPA has updated its website and is accepting registrations for the fall session. I’ve heard that they run a “head to head” league playing 15 games/night as well as a team league. Are there any EPPA members on this forum? What’s the competition like?
  2. AlinEdm

    90 year old pool hall in Alberta

    I’d like to share a little history with you after reading this story in my paper. I wonder if Brunswick knows of this town and how much their table means to them. Sorry if its in the wrong section; it’s not history “in the U.S.” and the hall is still open...
  3. AlinEdm

    Happy Birthday, Sarnia Shorty

    A special shout-out to Sarnia Shorty who is celebrating his birthday away from his wife while he finishes things up here in Edmonton. You are going to have to wait till Friday for that special birthday touch, but here are some “good egg” comments from me in the mean time. Sarnia Shorty, you’re...
  4. AlinEdm

    Manuel Ederer Disqualified

    Because the story is short on details I’m left wondering what this player did to have his disqualification announced on an international pool site. “The official reasoning is that Ederer behaved himself in a way which the Board deems to be damaging and harmful to the pool sport.”...
  5. AlinEdm

    I shot some video then my first break and run

    After reading a few posts on video evaluation I took my pocket cam with me to Goodfellows where on Sundays they open up their Valley boxes. From now on I will be suggesting others do the same if you want to improve your game. On Tuesday, playing in the opening match on league night, my first...
  6. AlinEdm

    Tell me where to go

    I am a CPA/APA league player who is an SL4. I registered onto this forum thinking it was a great place to share my fanaticism and learn skills to become better. Yes, I understand that was a mistake. Can the members here suggest another forum where this might be accomplished? It’s too bad...
  7. AlinEdm

    Anyone play One Pocket in Edmonton?

    The question comes after taking in the 12 hour marathon stream yesterday courtesy of On the Rail TV. I had only read about the game in some of the books I have, but after watching match after match I now have a better understanding of the game and want to try it out. Maybe even “learn from a...
  8. AlinEdm

    A "pat myself on the back" night

    Do you still remember your first win over a player you respected? Last night was the first time I came out ahead of my instructor, Mike! Yes, I needed weight (250-100), and yes, I think he missed two shots he shouldn’t have, but I still needed to make my points which included a thought out 5-c...
  9. AlinEdm

    "4-Ball in Edmonton" demographics

    With the video soon to be forgotten in the back pages of this forum, I thought I would share some demographic stats. Though not scientific it throws light on who is thinking carom enough to watch someone else play the game. -most views from California: 11 of 90 -no one north-west of Iowa -8...
  10. AlinEdm

    4-Ball in Edmonton

    My first video on youtube of the place where I play.
  11. AlinEdm

    I want to delete this post

    ack! A little help please!
  12. AlinEdm

    How many of you are ambidextrous?

    A couple of weeks back the friend I was playing with asked the owner of the club why mechanical bridges were not allowed in billiards. He responded by asking him why my friend's name was Arthur. Being left-handed I am used to figuring out the "right" way to do things, and so when I started...
  13. AlinEdm

    New member/New carom player

    Hello AZ Billiards from a new member Although I’ve known about this site for the five years that I’ve played 8-ball, I registered today to be a contributing member of the carom community. With only two months experience, I will certainly be asking more than giving advice, but hopefully other...