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  1. breaknrun

    FS - Jacoby

    Break Jump cue. ** Better as a player ** 18.4 oz (you can add weight bolt) 12.3 mm at tip Some rings are slightly coming up 275 or best offer + shipping Paypal
  2. breaknrun

    FS - Schon - Elite 17 - Wrapless

    Only 6 made All white stuff is real Shaft 1 - 4.3 oz 13 mm Shaft 2 - 3.7 oz 12.6 mm Butt - 16 oz (has weight bolt) **** Sold **** Would cost $1500 new Paypal Butt 99% Shaft 1 - 98% Shaft 2 - 85% small dings, dirty All straight together and apart *** Not looking to trade at this time ***
  3. breaknrun

    ~~~~~ Jack Madden - Moose Antler Inlays- 2 shafts - $750.00 ~~~~~

    ~~~~~ Jack Madden - Moose Antler Inlays- 2 shafts - $650.00 ~~~~~ African Blackwood with Moose Antler Inlays Butt 15.6 oz Shaft 1 3.63 oz 12.5mm Shaft 2 3.68 oz 12.6 mm Tripple pressed black irish linen. Sold Will use escrow Not looking for trades at this time. Cue and...
  4. breaknrun

    Coco Cog - Linen wrap and Lizard ;)

    Sorry about the crappy pics. Thought this might give some laughs. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
  5. breaknrun

    D. Appleton and C. Bryant, what went down?

    Who won the match? Did they get in a tiff?
  6. breaknrun

    Thank you Greg and DCC crew!!!

    I feel like a kid on Christmas eve!!! I go to bed thinking about Derby and I wake up thinking about Derby. I have been trying to go for 4 years now but have not been able to pull it off with 2 new kids, getting married, and work. Well, its finally happening this year. I just wanted to thank...
  7. breaknrun

    Who has "Nero"?

    I was curious if any of the cue collectors on here have the Perry Weston "Nero" cue? I don't seem to see or hear all that much about his cues. I think he makes some great looking cues, but I have never hit with one. The Nero cue is one of my favorites cues. Does anyone know how many were...
  8. breaknrun

    Taig Micro Lathe II

    Can this be extended to hold a shaft or butt?
  9. breaknrun

    What does it mean to "Slick" a shaft?

    Any help is appreciated.
  10. breaknrun

    How much lighter is G10 pin than a stainless?

    Am i correct that its 1 ounce?
  11. breaknrun

    Fabio - Any videos?

    I heard there is a video of the event that happened. Does anyone know or have the link? Is the guy ok?
  12. breaknrun

    Mens Scotch Doubles???

    Does anyone know where there is any good Scotch Doubles tournaments out in the west. What I mean by "good" is one that pays enough to justify the drive. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. breaknrun

    HOLY #&*@!!! Jennifer Barretta's Website

    Looks Like the "Black Widow" has some new competition, and im not talking about pool. In those bikini pics she gives Janette the 6 out and the breaks. Check out the photos!
  14. breaknrun

    Any info on bank pool?

    I have been looking on the net for info on bank pool. I haven't been able to find much. I enjoy the game and would like to get better. Hopefully I can find some info on strategies, players, drills, etc.... Any info would help.
  15. breaknrun

    WANTED: Jack Justis, Dennis Swift, or Jay Flowers

    Does anyone have any info on a used 2x4 by any of these cue case makers? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, breaknrun
  16. breaknrun

    Cactus Cup 2004 - Phoenix vs. Tucson

    I was just wondering if anyone in Tucson thinks they have a chance of winning this year. Phoenix has a strong team and are 100% confident that they will bring home the trophy this year. If anyone thinks otherwise please post your opinions.
  17. breaknrun

    ~~~Try this to stay focused~~~

    During my matches I try to maintain a high level of focus and intensity. Whether the I am winning 7-0 or losing 0-7 I try to play every game as if it is hill-hill. I find it helpful to not only try to win the match but to give my opponent a doughnut. I say this repeatedly in my head while I...
  18. breaknrun

    Are you a lion or a sheep???

    I have great succes staying motivated during tournaments with this little poem. I chant this to myself during matches to stay focused. I will preach this in my head over and over. I will persist until I succeed! I was not delivered into this world in defeat nor does failure course in my...
  19. breaknrun

    Arizona at the Reno Open

    It looks like Arizona is representing nicely at the Reno Open. Frost is still in the winners after beating Corey Deuel and Johnny Archer. Jimmy Mendoza is kicking ass also. His scores are 9-2, 9-1, 9-2, and the 9-3 over Ismael Paez!!! Damn Jimmy way to show up. Good work guys, and props to...