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    Richard Black Hoppe with two shaft and Whitten case

    item has ended
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    Schon SL-17 cue

    Cue is on eBay now.
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    Schon E54 cue

    Update: Cue isSold
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    Scorpion NT04 cue with joint protectors

    On eBay Thanks for looking, Mitch
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    WTB Richard Black 2X1 Cue Case

    Looking for a Richard Black cue case with the letter "R" on top. It is made by Whitten. It is a 2 shaft, one butt case. Thanks, Mitch
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    Bushka Ring

    Can you install a Bushka ring on a one piece cue? I have a one piece hoppe cue and thinking about making it a two piece cue. Maybe put a wrap on it and a ring on the forearm. Thanks, Mitch
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    Josey S01D

    Selling my ebony S01D Josey with the F14 points. I ordered this cue with a 30" shaft back in 2008. Price is $500.00 shipped, Thanks for looking Mitch
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    Schon STL-09

    Selling my first Schon cue. Model is an STL-09.The shaft has a very slight lift and the ferrule has two small cracks (see photo). The butt weighs 15.4oz and the shaft is 4.2oz. There is a very small area at the ring above the wrap where the finish came off (see photo). I am told this is common...
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    Carolina Custom shaft

    I have a Carolina Custom Predator 314-2 FAT 30" shaft with a "CC" logo joint protector for sale. Its a 3/8X10 bolt. I bought this new from Predator. SOLD. Thanks for looking, Mitch
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    Predator BLAK 1-3

    Selling my Predator BLAK 1-3. Cue is in very good condition, uniloc joint. SOLD
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    Predator Willie Hoppe and case

    Tore my rotor cup and no longer able to play. Selling my Predator Hoppe with case. Cue is SOLD. Will sell case (2X2) for $110.00 shipped
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    Any Cuemakers near Charolotte, NC

    Going out there next month. Just wondering if there are any cue makers around there. Would like to see their cues. Thanks, Mitch
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    Two Mali cues

    Not sure what model they are. Selling both for $150.00 shipped (USA only)
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    F-14 Celtic Cross Design Josey Cue

    Cue is hand made by Josey Custom Cues in 2005. Cue is made from African ebony and the white stuff is the real stuff. There is mother of pearl on the bottom of the butt. Cue is signed by Keith Josey and Designer B.D. Nichols. Weight is 19.785 oz. Grip is authentic Irish linen. The shaft is from...
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    30" Predator Z2 shaft w/o collar

    I have a 30" Predator Z2 shaft that has no collar so you can have it custom fitted to you cue. $190.00 shipped.
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    Carolina Custom 30" Predator FAT shaft

    I have a 30" Predator FAT shaft for a Carolina Custom cue. It has the black collar with a narrow silver ring. Joint is 3/8 X 10. Shaft includes a Carolina Custom joint protector with the "CC" logo. $220.00 shipped
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    Gandy corners and side covers

    The corners and side cover look like there metal, but are very dull. Any suggestions on to shine them up? Thanks, Mitch
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    Gandy ball return system

    I am putting together an old 9' Gandy pool table. It has the metal ball return system and they look pretty rusty. What should I do to clean them up or should I just leave them alone? I was thinking just get some brillow pads, scrub them then put a coat of wax on them. Thanks, Mitch
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    Gandy 9' Pool Table

    Found the side rail, not for sale anymore. Thanks for looking. Mitch
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    Olhausen Oak Billiard Rails 10' table rails only

    These are Oak wood rails that came from a 10' Olhausen snooker table. I bought them thinking I could convert them to my Regina table. The felt is worn. There is a brass plaque that says "Olhausen The best in Billiards". I live just 5km from the Lewiston-Queenston bridge. Local pickup only...