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    Sold Predator BK2 Break Cue

    Predator BK2 break cue for sale. This is one of a small number of cues that I’ve collected over the past years but have now decided to sell because I just don’t use them. Black linen wrap is in very good condition. Forearm has a few small dents from ordinary use, but the finish is otherwise...
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    Sold McDermott D-1 - Terrific Specimen

    A really lovely McDermott D-1. The butt cap has no chips, scratches or loss of coating. The McDermott logo is fully green, yet doesn’t have that overly thick appearance that you sometimes see; it is sharp. The wrap and forearm are in excellent condition. The original nylon wrap is the nice...
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    Sold Hager Extension

    20” Hager Extension for sale. Black. Nice condition. $140 plus shipping.
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    Sold Huebler Hustler (Sneaky Pete) - Gorgeous

    Beautiful Huebler Hustler, recently refinished by Scot Sherbine of Proficient Billiards. One or two racks of play since refinish. Straight save for the slightest of taper rolls, noted for full transparency. Butt - 29 inches, 16.33 oz. Huebler shaft with nylon insert - 29 inches, 3.92 oz...
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    Van Boening - Teutscher - DCC 9 Ball

    Am I missing something about the rules, or did both players snooze after Teutscher’s dry break in the game that begins at 27:30 of this video?
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    Who made this cue that is up on eBay?

    No maker identified. But with six days left there are 15 bidders, the price is up to $660, and the reserve has not been met. I’m not interested in purchasing the cue, but I am curious. It would seem that despite the absence of an advertised maker, the buyer pool knows who made the cue. I’m...
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    2019 World 14.1 Tournament

    Does anyone have any information about the 2019 World 14.1 Tournament? It appears that Peter Burrows is taking the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship back down south this year, so it will not be in NYC. Last year (2018), the World Tournament was outside NYC (Nanuet). Will it be there...
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    LED Lighting -- Color "Temperature" photos

    I'm looking into an LED light right now, and when fishing around for info. on color temperature, I found a somewhat useful web page for which you'll find a link below. It shows the difference in color temperature in a pool table setting -- at 2700K, 3000K and 6500K. Limited number of temps...
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    Cue extension on all break shots?

    In watching the video of Mika Immonen’s 201 ball run in this year’s DCC straight pool challenge, I noticed that he was putting an extension on his cue for many, if not all, of his break shots - whether he needed extra length or not. It certainly appeared that he was doing this in order to get...
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    Alvin’s 14.1 Commentary

    This is not news to anyone, but I just have to say — having just watched and listened to Alvin’s commentary on the first four racks of the Schmidt/Immonen 2019 DCC straight pool match — that I find him to be unbearable. Yes, one can simply mute the sound. But, IMO, what a shame that a stronger...
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    McDermott Shaft for D-1

    If you have an old McDermott shaft that is STRAIGHT and would match a D-1, I’d be interested. Black collar with white ring. Looks like a shaft from any of the D-1 through D-5 models would match. Thanks.
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    Question for Bob Jewett re "the most serious" foul

    Bob -- This isn't a question pertaining to straight pool only, but I figured you'd be most likely to see it if I posted it in this forum. The WPBA rules include Rule 6 (Fouls). The preamble reads: "The following actions are fouls at pool when included in the specific rules of the game being...
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    Score keeping error

    In watching the Jason Shaw-Rodney Morris match in the recent American 14.1 event, the commentators were of the understanding (whether they were correct or not, I'm not sure, and it doesn't matter for purposes of my question) that Shaw had neglected to update his score after one of the racks and...
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    FYI -- April 29 14.1 Tournament -- Wilmington, DE

    This is simply an FYI. I happened to see the following post in the Main Forum. I'm just reporting, not vouching. I know nothing about this event or the organization that is running it.
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    WTB Hager Extension -- Large Diameter

    Please send a PM to me if you have a Large diameter Hager cue extension that you would like to sell. Thanks.
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    Charting causes of ended runs

    Hi all -- I'm fed up with my 14.1 practice runs (I practice a lot more than I play in competition) ending due to repeatedly making one of a few mistakes that I make far, far too often. For me, at or near the top of the hit parade are: (1) undercutting balls for fear of overcutting them; (2)...
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    Break shots with inside high English

    When presented with the opportunity to play a break shot with inside high English and bring the CB around to the middle of the table, or play it another way (most typically with draw), is there a good reason to NOT use high inside? It is so nice to be somewhere in the middle of the table ...
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    WTB: Hager cue extender -- Large

    Please send a PM to me if you have a Large size Hager cue extender that you would like to sell. Thanks in advance. Seth.
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    Closed Bridge -- Question about palm heel

    My closed bridge was recently critiqued by a strong player and the comment was made that my bridge could be improved by placing both sides of the heel of my hand -- the side that is an extension of my pinky, so to speak, and the side that is an extension of my thumb, so to speak (I'm sure that...
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    WTB -- CueTrack Stroke Trainer

    Hi -- I'm interested in purchasing a CueTrack Stroke Trainer, if someone has one, isn't using it, and would be interested in selling it. If you are interested, please send a PM to me. Thanks in advance. Seth.