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    question for lou ,pat ,and dan

    Quieter than a mouse pissing on a cotton ball
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    New break rule thought?

    how about this for a new break rule. break the balls, then if you make a ball you must pushout, your opponent then has the option of accepting the shot or give it back. this also applies if you don't make a ball on the break your opponent must then pushout. I know it will stop the break and...
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    Tar and SVB Aiming

    I think it would be great to have Tar do a stream with shane on his aiming method. Maybe they could charge to stream it and possibly split the money. I for one would be willing to pay to see this. How many others would be willing to pay to watch this be streamed? This might just work also to...
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    Why Not Share Your Secrets?

    why would you not share your pool secrets with others? I understand if your an instructor and make a living doing this great sport, but for those who do not plan on being a paid teacher why not share your tips with others, it would make for better competition, make the game more fun, it...
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    Rating Systems

    are there any rating systems that that truely make it a level playing field? the best one i can think of is the DR POOL system. How about it anybody have any good ideas for a system that would give everyone playing a fair shot at winning?
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    Scott Frost

    havent heard much latley about him, used to see him about once a week streaming at otr playing one pocket. I for one really enjoyed his one pocket game!!
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    Thank you Lenny

    Lenny i applaud you for the great job you do for the sport of pool! you are an asset to this sport! :clapping:
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    which state wins?

    just for arguments sake if you put together a 5 person team from each state and your playing barbox 8 ball, race to 7, double elimination,tournament format which state comes out on top? / /