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  1. Spyral7

    Huebler Wrapless Plane Jane

    I picked this cue up along with another cue that I really wanted, the deal was good, but this cue is FAR heavier than I prefer at 20.1 oz. Not sure the wood type. The cue is a Plane Jane Huebler with no wrap. The ferrule has a SLIGHT bit of separation as can be seen in the pics, but I've...
  2. Spyral7

    Few Cues - Joss, Lucasi, & a Custom

    Up First is a Joe Famiglietti Custom cue. It's a 4 point cue with Cocobola points, and curly(I believe) maple forearm. The cue is in maybe 75-80% condition with a few scars on the forearm and buttsleeve. There are not any cracks in the buttcap, however there are a few dings. You can see in the...
  3. Spyral7

    Few Low End Cues - Joss, Lucasi & a Custom

    Few Cues - Joss, Lucasi & a Custom Resposted with new Title and updated pictures.
  4. Spyral7

    Help With Cue ID's - Joss & Lucasi

    I picked these up a while back at an estate sale. Unsure of the model on either. Lucasi has 610, which through research I found is the manufacture date. I know there used to be a Cue ID forum, but I couldn't find it. So I'm posting here. Thanks in advance for all your knowledge!
  5. Spyral7

    Mid 80's Viking Window Plane Jane

    Selling this cue that I picked up a bit at an estate sale. Had it in the cue ID section and it was concluded it is an early to mid 80's Viking window cue. Going to ask $250, this is a very flexible OBO, as I'm not 100% confident in the actual value of the cue, I couldn't find any sold examples...
  6. Spyral7

    Need help IDing Cue

    Hi all, long time no talk. I have moved a couple of times since I was last on here, still playing once in a great while, actually got to play more in Afghanistan than when I am home. Anyways, I found this cue and I think it is a late 70s to early 80s Viking, but that is a stab in the dark.
  7. Spyral7

    Predator BK2 Wrapless For Sale

    I am getting rid of my Predator BK2 wrapless. I have had it for quite a while, but it has not been broken with that many times. I haven't been playing, and money has been tight lately, so it just makes more sense to have the cash than have a cue sitting around that I never use. Sorry, no...
  8. Spyral7

    Predator 314-2 Shaft 3/8x10

    Looking to sell my Predator 314-2 shaft. It's in good shape, I got it to try out on my Frey sneaky and just didn't like the way it felt. It is in great shape overall. I'm not sure what they are going for these days, asking $200 OBO, and am more than willing to take offers on it. Shoot me a...
  9. Spyral7

    2 Schon Shafts

    I have 2 Schon shafts for sale. One is a newer style with the Schon in cursive writing, the second is an older with Schon in the joint. It does NOT say Schon-13, it is just Schon. The ferrule is 12.75 on each if I remember correctly (My calipers got lost in the move). Both shafts fit the...
  10. Spyral7

    Delta Billiards Table. . .?

    I saw this and was just curious as to the identity of the table. It is for sale here locally. It's not something I have room for now, but when we buy a house I have considered a game room, and this is a very pretty table. Thanks in advance.
  11. Spyral7

    Brunswick cue ID

    I picked this cue up the other day and am curious If anyone has any idea how old it might be and maybe what the value might be as well. I know the pictures aren't great, and if that turns out to be a huge issue I can take new ones and repost. I am unable to determine the point wood, though it...
  12. Spyral7

    FS/FT Schon SL3

    Looking to sell or trade my Schon SL3 with 2 shafts. See description below for detailed information about the cue. I bought this cue back when I first started playing again, somewhere around 6 months ago. I love the cue, but am trying to but something different or trade for something new to...
  13. Spyral7

    FS/FT Schon SL3 - Trade for Huebler?

    FS/FT Schon SL3 Cue butt is SOLD. I will be putting up the shafts for sale separately at a later date. Thank you for all the offers and inquiries.
  14. Spyral7

    Ebony. . .shaft?

    Is this possible? Specifically for a break cue. I know they make Purple Heartwood shafts that are heavier and on the stiff side specifically for breaking, and J/B if I remember correctly. I really want an ALL black break cue. I have a BK2 currently, and really want a custom break cue put...
  15. Spyral7

    Huebler on Ebay

    I know this isn't SPECIFICALLY the place for this, since it's not mine for sale, but does this happen to be an AZ member's Cue on Ebay? I really like it, and it's actually...
  16. Spyral7

    Jeanette Lee in Hawaii

    I was able to go see Jeanette Lee last night on the Army base here in Hawaii. It was a small exhibition show with MAYBE 40 people, in a fun relaxed setting. She had her family there, Husband, 3 youngest daughters. It was a GREAT experience, maybe not from a pool knowledge standpoint, but...
  17. Spyral7

    FS Instroke 3x5 leather Black and Yellow

    CASE IS SOLD, THANK YOU FOR LOOKING I got this along with the custom cue in my sig and have decided I'm tired of carrying multiple cases. I would rather have one larger case, currently I'm carrying this and a 2x4 instroke style tube case. This case has definitely seen better days, there is...
  18. Spyral7

    Joe Famiglietti Custom Cue

    ONE SHAFT SIGNED BY JEANETTE LEE "THE BLACK WIDOW", will update pics when I get home this evening. I will be dropping the price and selling this cue with ONE shaft, unless the buyer wishes to pay extra for the signed shaft. I am editing this once, and going to bump it. . .I'm not sure if I...
  19. Spyral7

    Predator BLAK 2X4 Leather Case

  20. Spyral7

    Help ID a cue?

    I got this cue along with another cue and case and have NO idea what it is. The cue itself is straight both together and apart. It's in really nice shape. 6 pt cue, nice linen wrap. Not really sure about the woods that are used, but I'm still not that good at identifying anything but maples...