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  1. jingle

    >>>>FS: Hustler Butt + OB Classic Pro<<<<

    Hustler butt was made in spring 2011 by Ryan at Mueller’s (RAT Cues), and has very little use. The butt is Bacote & Maple and has a low-gloss satin rub finish. It measures .842” at the joint. There is a ding in the forearm that happened during the construction, Ryan filled it in and smoothed it...
  2. jingle

    OB Classic vs OB Classic Pro feel

    I'm looking for input from those who have shot with both the OB Classic and OB Classic Pro. Which shaft has the stiffer feel? I know the Classic is 1 mm thicker, but the Classic Pro has a conical taper. My experience with the OB-1 and OB-2 was that even though the OB-1 was 1mm thicker, the...
  3. jingle

    Pat Diveney story on our local news

    Finally, a pool story on the local news!,0,787410.story
  4. jingle

    ***Sneaky Pete Low-Deflection combo***

    Hustler butt was made in spring 2011 by Ryan at Muellers (RAT Cues) to fit the Gulyassy low-deflection shaft. The butt is Bacote & Maple and has a low-gloss satin rub finish. There is a ding in the forearm that happened during the construction, Ryan filled it in and smoothed it over, but you...
  5. jingle

    FS: 2 Gulyassy SPTX shafts - Radial thread

    New thread here:
  6. jingle

    15-ball rotation...with a twist

    I think I have finally found a handicap that keeps my 11-year old interested in playing pool with me. It's tough to compete with that damn PS3, which has already claimed my 15-year old. Anyway, I have tried several different handicaps/games to give my son a good chance to win, while at the...
  7. jingle

    Is there a general instructor consensus?

    Regarding the standard maple v LD shaft issue? Now I know it's the indian, not the fact I have 2 LD shafts that don't often get out of my case. I was just curious what shaft the instuctors choose for themselves. Can you share?
  8. jingle

    Congrats JBKY!

    Nice way to start the week winning the banks ring game!
  9. jingle

    Large video & book package for sale

    All items are used originals (no copies) that are in very good condition. I'm not looking to sell any items individually at this time, only as a package. ACCUSTATS VHS: 2000 US Open 14.1 Ortman v Rempe ( Chris Lynch & Jeremy Jones commentary) 2002 DCC 1-Pocket S Daulton v C Joyner (BI & DD...
  10. jingle

    Love the new AZB Marketplace!

    If you haven't checked out the new AZB Marketplace with Seyberts (on the homepage), you might want to. I have placed a couple of orders recently and have had flawless transactions and speedy shipping both times. Thanks to Mike and the other AZB powers involved in arranging this deal with...
  11. jingle

    My Josey SP before & after

    My Josey is 2 1/2 years old, so I decided to send it back to Keith for some cosmetic surgery recently. I had him install a simulated ivory joint and hoppe ring. Here are some "before" pics of the original cue, with "after" pics to follow.
  12. jingle


    testing 1.2.3
  13. jingle

    OB-2 & J&J jump/break

    I am going to sell my other spare OB-2 shaft. I purchased it new and it has been well maintained and is in very good condition. It is straight, and currently has a Muellers Dudley (milk dud) tip on it. The joint is black collar and Radial thread. I also have a J&J jump/break cue in very good...
  14. jingle

    OB-2 Radial

    I have a spare OB-2 Radial thread shaft that I'm looking to sell. The shaft is dead straight and in like new condition (absolutely no bluing). In fact, I have only played a handful of racks with it as it has always been my spare. The joint is black collar and Radial thread. It has the original...
  15. jingle

    J&J Jump/Break for sale

    I have a J&J Jump/Break Model 2731 for sale. I purchased the cue new and it has been lightly used, and is in very good condition. The attached picture is a stock picture from J&J, but mine looks the same. Looks like most outlets are selling these new for around $90, so here is a chance to get...
  16. jingle

    Dufferin by Huebler for sale

    I won this cue in a raffle done by Fast Lenny. I received the cue yesterday and it is actually a little nicer than I expected. I played a few racks with it last night and it has a nice solid feel, and fairly stiff hit. The thing is, I could use cash more than a cue right now, so I'm offering...
  17. jingle

    pic test
  18. jingle

    Looking for cloth cleaning tips

    I just got my tables and rails recovered. I think the brand of cloth I had installed was Forstman. I used to just vacuum my table, but that seemed to stretch/loosen the bed cloth over I'm looking for an alternative. Should I just use a brush, or are some of the spray-on products...
  19. jingle

    Any tips for leveling on carpet?

    I will be moving my table to the basement which just had new carpet & pad installed. I plan to set-up the table and let it "settle" for a few days before I level it. Any other tips I should know about? Thanks.
  20. jingle

    help - pockets leaving marks on balls

    I have a new set of leather drop pockets on my table and they seem to be leaving black smudges on the balls. I think this is only happening on very hard shots when the balls hit the back of the pocket. The marks will come off with ball polish, but it's kind of a pain to constantly clean the...