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  1. Sarnia Shorty

    Missing Bumper on a Bumper Pool Table

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I bought an old bumper pool table and it is missing one of the rubber rings that goes around the bumper. I'm not sure where to find a replacement for it. The rubber ring has an I.D. of 1 7/16", O.D. of 2 1/8" Thanks,
  2. Sarnia Shorty

    In the market for a new cue

    i have been searching the interwebs for a new cue. Are sites like pooldawg, billiardwarehouse and cheapcues a good place to buy a new cue. Has anyone bought cues from any of these before?
  3. Sarnia Shorty

    $100 Entry Tournament in Sarnia - March 22

    $100 pool tourney at rack n roll Sarnia mar 22!! 9 ball 100%payout plus Calcutta!! No green fees! Race to 11 on a side 9 on the b side! Must be here by noon for Calcutta! Contact me or call rack n roll
  4. Sarnia Shorty

    $100 Entry Tournament - Sarnia, Ontario

    Posting this for a friend, 17 confirmed entries as of Nov. 6. Should be some real good pool and lots of cash to be won. POOL PLAYERS.... Nov 16 Sarnia rack n roll holding a $ 100 diamond bar box 9 ball tourney! No handicap ! No green fees! 60% to first plus Calcutta! Already 13 confirmed ...
  5. Sarnia Shorty

    Scotch Doubles Schedule

    This summer I am strying to start a fun scotch doubles league. I have a group of 12 players signed up and I need to make a round robin schedule. I want all of the players to play with a different partner until we have cycled through the whole group. Does anyone have a program or know of one...
  6. Sarnia Shorty

    Billiard Carnival Game

    I'm heading over to a local carnival tonight, just in case they have the pool table set up anyone got some tips on how to win the game. I tried last year and finally quit after $30. I thought it would be easy to make 3 balls but between the table, the cue and the tiny pockets I couldn't get it...
  7. Sarnia Shorty

    What colour for my pool room?

    I am finally getting some new tournament blue simonis on my table. My room is currently a pukey green colour and I am going to throw on some fresh paint when the new cloth is put on. I have always thought I wanted the room to be a dark colour but I can;t decide on which one. After seeing one...
  8. Sarnia Shorty

    Drill/Progress System

    A while back I read about a set of drills/tests you can do that will actually track your progress and shows your improvements. There was a website with all the different levels ect. Can anyone tell me the name of this or give me the website, I tried a search of the forums but I don't really...
  9. Sarnia Shorty

    Info on a cue

    Found this ad on my local kijiji today. When I read the title of the ad I thought the seller made a type-o but it actually is a 5-piece cue. Anyone have any info on this thing? Pretty interesting to say the least.
  10. Sarnia Shorty

    What is a good 3-player game?

    Every Wednesday before league I have some guys over to warm up and do a little gambling. We usually play a golf game that I have, we set it up as match play, $5 for the front, $10 for the back and $5 for the overall, the most you can lose is $20 to each man. One of the players seems to pay out...
  11. Sarnia Shorty

    Monthly 9-ball tournament @ Rack and Roll. March 3rd.

    Monthly 9-ball tournament, played on 7.5' diamond tables. $20 entry at Rack N Roll billiards in Sarnia, Ontario Clacutta starts around noon with tournament beginning shortly after.
  12. Sarnia Shorty

    US-Open Qualifier

    Rack and Roll Billiards, Sarnia, Ontario. September 17th. Registration starts at 11:30, Calcutta at 12:30. Tournamnet is played on 9ft black crowns. Race to 7 both sides, $50 entry fee with 100% payouts. First place wins a spot in the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships on Oct. 19-22 or can take a...
  13. Sarnia Shorty

    US-Open Qualifier

    Rack and Roll Billiards, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Saturday, Septempber 17th. Registration starts at 11:30, Calcutta at 12:30. Tournamnet is played on 9ft black crowns. Race to 7 both sides, $50 entry fee with 100% payouts. First place wins a spot in the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships on Oct...
  14. Sarnia Shorty

    I picked a good one

    So I got home last weekend from a 4 month work assignment. My wife had told me she had some people over the week before for a party so I was asking her how it went. She started off by telling me that she thought she "was going to have to bust some heads". With that response I got a bit worried...
  15. Sarnia Shorty

    CueLight Interactive Pool Table

    I know for most pool players this would never be used because I am sure it would only hurt your game but it is still pretty cool. Check it out.
  16. Sarnia Shorty

    How Much for Re-Covering and Level

    Just curious what an average price would be to recover a table, including the rails, with Simonis 860 and then get the table re-leveled. My cloth is getting worn out and I need to know how much money I need to save up. Also are there any mechanics in the Southern Ontario area that would be...
  17. Sarnia Shorty

    One Pocket Break

    Just curious if someone can tell me how to break for one pocket. Gonna be meeting up with a fellow AZ'er on Saturday and we decided that ene though niether of us have ever played one pocket we both want to learn. We'll see how we do with the game on Saturday but I don't have a clue on how to...
  18. Sarnia Shorty

    My Cue isn't straight, can it be fixed?

    Last night when I was practicing after rolling my cue on the table I noticed quite the wobble. I took it apart and the shaft is fine but when I roll the butt you can see the bend in it. I am not sure how this happened because it wasn't like this last week but is there anything I can do about...
  19. Sarnia Shorty

    My Break Sucks, Help

    So I admit that the break is not something I have worked a whole lot on it my years of playing pool. As I play more and more leagues I am finding that it is really hurting my chances to win. I have started to get more run-outs and play much better patterns but without a decent break I often find...
  20. Sarnia Shorty

    Won an ERO Pot Last Night!

    Last night was the first time in 4 weeks that I did not make any money in the weekly tournament. I have been playing well lately but couldn't seem to finish my run outs last night and had an early exit in the 4th round. I was fortunate enough to have my name drawn for the ERO pot and then...