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  1. Grantstew

    Vollmer 8 point cue

    Beautiful Vollmer 8 point cue for sale, cocobolo into maple. SOLD
  2. Grantstew

    Lomax 6 point cue for sale / trade

    This one has gone Trade value ~$1400 show me what ya got....
  3. Grantstew

    Danny Tibbitts 4pt 4 veneer like new

    Hi All, Pretty rare offering, a Danny Tibbitts 4 point 4 veneer cue. Wonderful lizard wrap done by Kenny Koo. Ivory joint. I still need to get weights, but I believe it is 15oz butt, and 2 x 4oz shafts. Long ivory ferrules on each. you can see the cue here...
  4. Grantstew

    Lomax 6 point cue rosewood into curly maple

    Offered here is a very nice Steve Lomax cue. 6 points of light coloured rosewood into beautiful curly maple. Fancy rings Leather wrap Two original shafts, ~12.9mm Weight is right around 19oz, but I will have to weigh it to get an exact measurement Butt is in superb condition, one shaft is like...
  5. Grantstew

    Big Randy Mobley cue for sale

  6. Grantstew

    <<<Amazing Pete Tonkin Cue for sale>>>

  7. Grantstew


    Offered here is a beautiful Pete Tonkin Cue. It is cocobolo into ebony, fancy rings everywhere, amazing veneer work, silver accents in the rings. Cue is like new, has one micro-ding on the bottom of the sectioned handle, but it took me a serious look to find that. The pics tell a better story...
  8. Grantstew

    John Parris Pool cue for sale

    Hi All, Offered here is a John Parris pool cue. John is better known for making possibly the finest snooker cues in the world!! This one is 19.5oz, 29.5" even split. Hand spliced with Amboyna burl butt. 13mm tip (Zan premium soft) I am trying to think what the finish is called, it is super...
  9. Grantstew

    Ivory pointed Gina 1973 solid silver plates.. Big CUE!!

    Old cue Hi deleted
  10. Grantstew

    Bijsterbosch V Teutscher race to 100 (The next Nick and Niels :) Enjoy
  11. Grantstew


    WTB an Alex Brick jump cue, diamondwood, should be straight and in decent condition. PM me your offers.
  12. Grantstew

    WANTED - ALEX BRICK Jump or J/B Cue

    Hi All, I am trying to source an Alex Brick jump cue for a good friend of mine. One of the dymondwood models. Preferably a 3 piece jumper, but 2 piece jump and J/B cues will be considered. Must be willing to ship to the Netherlands. Please PM any offers. Thanks Grant
  13. Grantstew

    Vintage Gina I picked up

    Hey All, What do you think of this beauty? Picked up in Germany, this cue has sat in a case for the last 20 years. Info from Ernie: Hello Grant That cue is one of 6 made with the same design 5 with silver plates and 1 with 18k gold, of those 6 it is 1 of 2 only with inlay shafts. All of...
  14. Grantstew

    LP Custom full splice

    Lee Peppers used some really high quality wood, check how tight the rings are in the shaft and forearm!!
  15. Grantstew

    Cocobolo Mobley for sale (New Logo)

    Cue is gone...
  16. Grantstew

    We are europe

    We do what we want
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    Nice Michael Vollmer cue just arrived in the post today, I will give it a run out this evening :) May be available for sale in a few weeks, not sure yet....
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    Randy Mobley "Red Baron" cue for sale

    Traded away
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    Archer v Filler hangelar open final

    I dunno if this is somewhere else but I don't have time to look. Here is the live stream for the hangelar open final in Germany.
  20. Grantstew

    European top 10 Mosconi Cup points list

    Hi all, did some simple arithmetic and this is the current top 10 after the Deurne City Classic held over the weekend in Deurne, Netherlands. I am making two assumptions. 1. That the points system is the same as the previous events. 2. It was only the 9 ball event that counted. If this is the...