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  1. sunnyday

    Can you spare $5 to help a fellow pool player battle cancer?

    I just found out last night Janet Atwell is in a battle for her life from breast cancer, went through grueling Double Mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed in the process. When she recovers and gains some strength, she'll probably have to go through chemotherapy too...:( I know lately, AZ...
  2. sunnyday

    CSI's US Open One Pocket is full with waiting list!

    I am happy to announce that US Open One Pocket has filled it's 64 player brackets! You can check out the complete list of players here: There are about 20 spots remaining for US Open 10 Ball & 8 Ball each and entries are coming in fast, so...
  3. sunnyday

    CSI'S US Open Pro Events: 1 Pocket, 10 Ball & 8 Ball current player list (fully paid)

    CSI'S US Open Pro Events: 1 Pocket, 10 Ball & 8 Ball current player list (fully paid) It's about 3 weeks away from CSI's US Open Pro Events and you can check out the players paid and registered already here: I tried to attach it as excel file...
  4. sunnyday

    Happy Birthday Mark Griffin

    To the one of greatest lover, supporter and driving force to the game of billiard! You have taught me more than the game. To Love, to be patient, and best of all to give! Happy Birthday to the man who tries so hard to the point of rubbing off wrong :wink: One day we all will be wise enough...
  5. sunnyday

    CSI's US Bar Table Championships make Reno's Local News

    Here is a clip of USBTC lead on in Chanel 2. It aired on 17th...
  6. sunnyday

    2012 USBTC Players List

    If you're curious about who's signed up for 2012 USBTC, you can easily look up here: List is constantly being updated. Be sure to sign up online by 3 Feb to avoid late fees and there is no convenience charge to pay...
  7. sunnyday

    Book your room for USBTC by 1 Feb, 2012 to guarantee the special rate of $39/$49!

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick reminder to book your room for USBTC if you haven't already. We have a special rate of $39wd/$49wkn (use the promo code: POOL12) guaranteed until 1 Feb 2012. You can easily reserve online...
  8. sunnyday

    A little Mosconi Cup History - By Geoff Conway

    I haven't been following pool for that long, so I really enjoyed Geoff Conway's article about Mosconi Cup History. I learned some cool facts such as in the beginning each team consisted of 6 men and 2 woman... You must read the article in order to fully appreciate what Mosconi Cup was and has...
  9. sunnyday

    Mark Griffin talks about BCAPL National Championship's move IN 2013 to Rio

    Here is a video clip in Mark's own words about the move and how it benefits to players and members :smile: Pool players - All rooms at Rio are suites! If your room has a queen sleeper & 2 queen beds you can sleep up to 6 in a room :thumbup...
  10. sunnyday

    World Women's 9 Ball - which American will represent?

    World Women's 9 Ball will be in Shenyang, China 19-25 September. I was just wondering which American Pro will be representing USA. Thanks ahead. S.G.
  11. sunnyday

    World 10 Ball Payout?

    Is it listed any where? Thanks. S.G.
  12. sunnyday

    song test

    blah blah blah Ding
  13. sunnyday

    Thank you Mr. Bobby Rone of Boggies Billiard for hosting WPBA RTC

    I just wanted to thank Mr. Bobby Rone for hosting WPBA's Regional Tour Championship. He had gone all out to make all of us feel at home as possible. ** I am going to say us-because ladies who were there will agree with my thoughts.:thumbup: We really appreciate the fact he brought in 3 extra...
  14. sunnyday

    Leil Gay?? Anyone have his contact?

    Trying to contact him because he is on the Invitation list for US Open 1 Pocket due to his past accomplishment of 1 Pocket, but no one has a contact for him. Any help will be appreciated, thank you. :thumbup: S.G.
  15. sunnyday

    Matchroom Sports - Indept interview on Billiards Digest

    I feel Matchroom Sports is one of the greatest asset for billiard industry and here is an article featured in March issue of Billiards Digest about their driving forces and what they are about. I am excited for the Mosconi Cup to be back in US soil this year, Las Vegas and I can't wait...
  16. sunnyday

    Happy Birthday JCIN - Da Man of TAR

    Want to wish JCIN (Justin C.) happy birthday! Although he is still really sick from what he picked up during DCC and is crawled up in his hole with no voice. Hope you feel better soon, dude :( S.G. - TAR fan
  17. sunnyday

    15th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament to be steamed

    CSI is proud to announce the 15th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial Tournametn will be streamed live for the first time. Stream will be free and brougt to you by TAR (The ActionReport). If you cannot come and sweat the action on site, tune in at Thank you. S.
  18. sunnyday

    The 15th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament

    CSI is taking sign ups for the 15th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial. You can mail in the entry to: ** Must be post marked by Jan 24, 2011 CueSports International 2040 Pabco Rd Henderson, NM 89011 OR Use the Online Registration available 'early' January. Est. effective date: 3 Jan 2011 at...
  19. sunnyday

    Mosconi Pictures

    Hi, I'm not a professional photographer and my pics are taken with a simple automatic digital camera and some are a little blurry since I had to take the flash off and only so much can be done, but I thought I share a little ;) York Hall - The venue: Closer view. Jerry and his... "What it...
  20. sunnyday

    Mosconi Cup: Team Europe in trouble???

    With Mosconi Cup Team meeting kicking off tomorrow in London, Darren Appleton's been stuck at a airport nearly two days with his flights being canceled (I imagine due to weather condition). He's booked another flight since his original but that got delayed too. I hear Daryle Peach is out there...