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  1. Sharkey

    Chalk Holder and Cue Rest including Predator Chalk

    Predator Chalk Holder and Cue Rest Ball Marker for Magic Rack New Shipment coming in, IM me for information?
  2. Sharkey

    Prefect Christmas Gift for Pool Player

    Personalized chalk holders in both Predator and Square shapes. Personalized cue holder as well. Order now in order to get in time for Christmas Gifts! Engraving is $10 per line, keep in mind that chalk holders have a very small engraving surface so options are limited. IM me for details!
  3. Sharkey

    Volturi Custom Cue Cases

    Contact us if you are interested in a truly custom case.
  4. Sharkey

    New Volturi Player Mika Immonen

    I see that Mika has signed with Volturi along with Darren Appleton and Scott Frost!
  5. Sharkey

    Predator Chalk Holder and Other Itmes

    I have another order of Predator, Square Chalk Holders and Cue Rest and ball markers for Magic Rack coming soon.
  6. Sharkey

    F/S Predator Chalk Holder, Cue Rest Metal

    We are releasing our first products and taking pre-orders. If you are a dealer, have a store front or website or a league operator with a tax ID number then IM me for wholesale pricing. Products will arrive in 2-3 weeks.
  7. Sharkey

    F/S New Predator 314-2 UNI-LOC Shaft No Collar

    I have a 314-2 Uni-Loc no collar for sale. Shaft is straight and in perfect condition. Shaft is $250.00 if bought online. Asking $200.00 or best offer, it's a better deal than you will find anywhere else for one.
  8. Sharkey

    Dan Whitten Died, Is this true?

    I saw somewhere that Dan Whitten passed away? Can someone confirm this?
  9. Sharkey

    BK3'a at Omega Billiards

    I saw a BK3 at Omega Billiards yesterday, definatley my next toy!
  10. Sharkey

    BK3 Orders

    Hey I saw that Omega Billiards is taking pre orders for the Predator BK3 coming out in a few weeks.
  11. Sharkey

    Meucci Cues, a lot of them

    The guys at Omega just bought a huge collection of Meucci cues, including a bunch of them that I have not seen since the early 90's and before. If anyone is looking for one you should give them a call and see if they have one!
  12. Sharkey

    Predator Mezz Qick Release shafts

    I have one Z2 SOLD! and 314-2 that are Mezz Quick Release shafts that I could sell if anyone is interedsted. If so I can post pictures.
  13. Sharkey

    BCA Candidate

    Does anyone know when they will close out voting on remaining seat for the BCA in the manufactures division opening?
  14. Sharkey

    McDermott M7QR6 like new Need to sell!

    I have a McDermott that I have barely shot with since acquiring it. Cue is in perfect condition! Asking $550 shipped in the US. Cue is 190z and still has everything original. I think it is the one of the best looking cues that Mcdermott has ever done. The McDermott "Voyager" pool cue...
  15. Sharkey

    Name for a line of cues

    If you were coming out with your own line of cues, what would you call them?
  16. Sharkey

    Cue-Smith in Dallas/Ft.Worth area?

    Anyone know of a good cue-smith in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area? I am looking for someone good and reputable?
  17. Sharkey

    Predator Snooker Cue

    Yep you read right and heard it here first lol!/media/set/?set=a.10150759366411907.435013.17568891906&type=1
  18. Sharkey

    Predator Z2 with custom ring 3/8 x 10 joint F/S

    I have a Predator Z2 Shaft with a slight custom ring that would match with most cues. Shaft has been hit with maybe 4-5 times while someone was tryhing it out. Shaft is in perfect shape and straight with everest tip. Asking 150 shipped in the US. PM if interested!~ SHAFT IS SOLD:thumbup:
  19. Sharkey

    Viking De Cue for sale $150.00 or B/O

    I have a new Viking DeCue for sale. Viking quick release joint and original shaft. Cue is black with wolf on it with linnen wrap. REDUCED TOO 125.00
  20. Sharkey

    Reduced McDermott G Core 5/16 14 Shaft

    I am reducing the price of this McDermott G Core shaft to $70 shipped in the US. It is the shaft in at the bottom of the three and is the only one that I have left. Shaft is perfect and never been chalked. PM me if interested!