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  1. Hersheybarbilli

    Some old Schons!

    Another old picture. Wish I would have kept them all. Still have 4 out of this group.
  2. Hersheybarbilli

    Some old Schons!

    Wish I could post up some better pics. Having trouble sizing them to fit here.
  3. Hersheybarbilli

    Some old Schons!

    Wow, that picture is bad. Sorry...
  4. Hersheybarbilli

    Some old Schons!

    Have not had them them out in a long time. From left to right..... Rosewood R6, Ebony R6, the real deal R15 and a special R12.
  5. Hersheybarbilli

    JossWest Ending this weekend

    Reserve has been met. This cue sells tomorrow.
  6. Hersheybarbilli

    Let's see those Runde era Schon's!

    More Schons Still have all but one of these. Wish I would have kept them all over the years!
  7. Hersheybarbilli

    Let's see those Runde era Schon's!

    Sold a few of these. Still have a few. Love them all.
  8. Hersheybarbilli

    Huebler Case.

    Nice case here. Will sell to high bidder.
  9. Hersheybarbilli

    1970's Big Pin JossWest

    A great cue here that will sell to the highest bidder.
  10. Hersheybarbilli

    A pair of sweet old JW's:

    Cue 1: Light forearm. Butt weighs 16.3 ounces is 29 inches in length. Shaft 1 is 4.0 ounces and 29 inches shaft two is 3.8 ounces and 28.5 inches. Cue 2: SOLD. ( Both cues believed to be all Original and are in excellent condition. Here is a chance at two fantastic, late 1970's Bill Stroud...
  11. Hersheybarbilli

    A pair of sweet old JW's:

    Two of my favorites. Both in near perfect condition.
  12. Hersheybarbilli

    Blue Book 1st Edition and Calendars.
  13. Hersheybarbilli

    Huebler 6 x 6 case.

    Still available.
  14. Hersheybarbilli

    Huebler 6 x 6 case.

    I bought this case directly from Huebler. It's never left my house. Used for cue storage only. In great shape and super well built. Has two keys, both work. $495.00 shipped US.
  15. Hersheybarbilli

    2016 Bob Runde

    An unplayed beauty. Ends Sunday 1/14. Sells to high bidder.
  16. Hersheybarbilli

    2016 Runde for sale.

    Unplayed 2016 Runde. A 5 veneer beauty. Test hit only. Butt weighs 14.7 ounces. One shaft 4.1 ounces, one shaft 4.3 ounces. $1750 via Pay Pal. $1700 if money orders.
  17. Hersheybarbilli

    Old Schon R3
  18. Hersheybarbilli

    JossWest. No Reserve

    This beauty will sell to the high bidder. Ends Sunday 3/5/17. Thanks.
  19. Hersheybarbilli

    Hard to find 5/16 x 18 JW Shafts

    I have two JossWest shafts that are threaded 5/16 x 18. 1. 29 inches, 3.8 ounces, 12.4 mm. Rolls nice on table. This shaft was original to an old sideways W cue. 2. 28.5 inches, 3.5 ounces, 12.6 mm. Rolls excellent on table. This shaft was made later by Stroud. I sold the cue these went...
  20. Hersheybarbilli

    JossWest Micarta Joint. Big Pin