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  1. Poke_N_Hope

    Samsara playing tips?

    So....I recently ran across samsara playing tips...not the break tip. Does anyone have any experience with these in regards of install, mushrooming, how well they hold shape, playability, etc. I like their break tips (good, but I always prefer the white diamond).... And am thinking of giving...
  2. Poke_N_Hope

    Just finished a cue...looking for feedback

    I just finished a cue for a guy. He wanted green and pink veneers. I struggled with I didn't want it to turn out to "girly". In the end...the veneer color scheme didn't turn out too bad. This was my first attempt at metering the veneer stack for the points and windows. I think...
  3. Poke_N_Hope

    Need help on huebler cues

    So...I got in my shop a few huebler sneaky Pete, one piece cues. The say Mark II on them, above the huebler logo. From the same guy I got a huebler break jump cue. Nothing fancy, all black, mop dots at break/jump joint and nylon insert in shaft. I didn't even know huebler made such items...
  4. Poke_N_Hope

    Guidance needed on repair pricing

    So...everyone here has been candid and I figured I would request some thoughts on pricing. I was brought an old Palmer cue, probably mid 70's, mop inlays, window with guys name behind it...and it was in pieces. I was told to fix it. With that, I put on new ebony forearm, with...
  5. Poke_N_Hope

    Calling it Ebony?

    So....I realize there are lots of accomplished and experienced cue makers here...and I have a question for you. If you take ebony dust (after cutting or routing), and mix it with epoxy to fill in small dashes, diamond patterns, and the like...are you allowed to still call them ebony inlays...
  6. Poke_N_Hope

    FS -- full setup for shooters

    FS -- Pechauer stick and's gotta go I am posting for a friend her cue setup. She is expecting a baby anytime now, and is looking to get rid of her league gear. Contents include Pechauer p12 pro series cue, Palmer jump break cue, 3 x 5 Elite cue case, 3 cue Q-claw, pocket marker...
  7. Poke_N_Hope

    Phil Boucher....A dear friend and mentor

    I want to bid a loving and heartfelt farewell to my close friend, mentor, and teacher...Phil Boucher. Phil...former Marine, Butte Boy to the core, and an absolute pool fanatic, spent his last few days reading pool magazines and watching pool videos we sent him in a care package. Phil took me...
  8. Poke_N_Hope

    Opinions welcome

    So...I am just wrapping up the shaft on this latest cue...figured I would post some pics and get some feedback. This cue is tiger maple with 4 bubinga points with an ebony spear point frame....with bubinga windows and the ebony frame. The rings around the handle are fake ivory with ebony...
  9. Poke_N_Hope

    Wood for coring

    So..I wanted to get some thoughts on benefits of different woods for coring cues. I am thinking more I'd a fully cored design, when handle, forearm, and butt sleeve all slide over a single rod, and thread together to the rod. Are they better woods to use? For example, purple heart is stiff...
  10. Poke_N_Hope

    Nationals or cash for your league

    So with so many leagues out you think players would play in a league as just a cash national event prize....figuring the cash could help offset the costs to nationals the player may win in other leagues?
  11. Poke_N_Hope

    Axes cues

    So...I have run across and picked up a couple of cues called Axes. They have a logo on the bottom that looks inlaid or cut in of 2 battle axes crossed, and says Axes on the bottom. Does anyone know anything about these....are they junk, rare, rare junk? Attached is a crappy pic of the logo.
  12. Poke_N_Hope

    Clear coat ideas

    So...I am on the hunt for ideas of clear coat for a cue...something durable, easy to apply, and shiny. Does everyone use some sort of automotive finish? I have heard and tried miraclecoat, various other clear epoxy base items...even tried cyano once.... I am looking for something that can...
  13. Poke_N_Hope

    Does anyone take pride in a league anymore

    So...I wanted to get some thoughts and feedback on league operators. I live in a small town, but the per capita pool player is an outstanding percentage...we have lots. We have lots of leagues...but it seems like they are going downhill anymore. Maybe it is just my league operators, but the...