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  1. martin

    F/S: -R- Jerry Rauenzahn conversion

    Hi all, Up for sale is a Rauenzahn cue made with a Prather full-spliced blank. Ask $935 shipped, no trade please. Specs: Butt: Prather full-spliced blank, maple with rosewood points. Ivory Joint collar and ivory inlay, delrin butt cap. Radial joint pin. Weight 15.6 oz. Shaft 1: 12.9 mm...
  2. martin

    2004 South West cue for sale

    Hi all, Up for sale is a 2004 SW which I'm helping a friend listing here. Cue is in excellent condition, original shafts, original wrap and original finish. Personally I would rate it in 95+ condition. One shaft normally use and another shaft slightly use only. Pau Ferro nose with BEM points...
  3. martin

    Cantando ebony sneaky for sale

    Up for sale is a Cantando ebony sneaky pete. One shaft with aegis ferrule and Moori tip, 12.9 mm ferrule diameter. 5/16-14 joint screw, black phenolic joint collars with silver rings, delrin buttcap. The shaft has a very slight roll but won't affect the playability, other parts are flawless. Cue...
  4. martin

    Bryan Mordt BCM plain jane for sale

    Up for sale is a nice BCM kingwood plain jane. Nice figured kingwood forearm and butt sleeve, black phenolic joint and buttcap collars with silver ladder ring works, 3/8-11 stainless joint screw. Dark brown genuine leather wrap. 2 13mm shafts with Moori tips, one of them has a slight roll but...
  5. martin

    My new Skip Weston

    Just received my new Skip and couldn't be happier.:D The hardwood veneers are perfect and the inlays are very sharp. The balance of the cue is excellent as well. Thanks, Martin
  6. martin

    Fatboy's SWs

    Here are couple Fatboy's South West cues.:)
  7. martin

    Fatboy's Bushkas

    I'm posting couple Bushkas for Fatboy, hope you enjoy them.:)
  8. martin


    Here is Fatboy's amazing collection...:eek:
  9. martin

    1998 South West for sale

    Hi all, Up for sale is an excellent 1998 South West cue. The cue was refinished and rewrapped in May this year and now in excellent condition. It has three shafts, two are original and one was ordered directly from Laurie this year. It also came with a set of original matching joint protectors...
  10. martin

    Mike Bender for sale

    Up for sale is a 10 points Mike Bender in excellent condition. Cue was refinished and re-wrapped with real lizard leather. No dings or dents. The shafts were both reconditioned to remove the blueing. Everything rolls straight. Forearm: 10 ebony points (5 up 5 down) into highly figured birdseye...
  11. martin

    John Davis conversion

    Here is my John Davis conversion converted by a local cue repair shop in my country. I bought two full-spliced blanks from Mr. Davis and I have to say Mr. Davis makes awesome veneered, full-spliced blanks. The craftsmanship is top notch. Also Mr. and Mrs. Davis are very nice to deal with. I had...
  12. martin

    Brand new Ginacue 17a for sale

    Brand new, unchalked, including 1b2s whitten case. Arrived in April/07. Butt: Birdseye maple w/ 5 ebony points, 4 veneers yellow/orange/red/black, white w/ black specks linen wrap, faux ivory buttcap. 15.3 oz. Joint: Stainless steel, 5/16-18 piloted. Shafts: Both 13mm, 4.15 oz. Sold, thanks...
  13. martin

    Jerry McWorter F/S

    Hi all, Got a fancy Jerry McWorter "point interrupted" Cue for sale. Ebony forearm and butt sleeve, with 10 BEM floating points, 5 at forearm and 5 at butt, and below each points are 3 silver strings. Cue was re-wrapped with leather wrap, others are all original, including a set of joint...
  14. martin

    Old Tad Kohara F/S

    Hi all, I'm putting on an old Tad for my friend. The butt was refinished recently and comes with 2 brand new shafts from Tad, cue rolls straight and plays very solid. Here is the spec.: Butt: Rosewood forearm with fancy butt sleeve inlays, 14.85 oz. Shafts: Brand new from Tad, both 13 mm & 4.25...
  15. martin

    07 Josey bocote sneaky for sale

    Hi all, Up for sale is brand new 07 Josey sneaky pete, level-3 inlay works of Josey's sneaky petes. Here is the spec.: Butt: Bocote butt into maple nose, weights 14.7 oz. Joint: Radial pin flat-faced, w/ black phenolic collar. Shaft: 2 x 13.25 mm, melamine ferrules, moori tips, weight 4.2 oz...
  16. martin

    WTB Hoppe Skip Weston

    Hi, I'm in the market for a Hoppe Skip Weston. Prefer ivory 5/16-14 joint but will consider stainless steel or flat-faced joint as well. If you have something for sale please PM me the price & spec. or mail me at :) Thanks, Martin
  17. martin

    Fancy brand new Tad Kohara 8 pointer F/S

    Hi, Up for sale is a Tad Kohara fancy 8 pointer, the excellent hitting & beautiful cue in brand new condition. Here is the specification: Length: 58" Weight: 19.4 oz Shafts: 2 x 13mm Joint: stainless steel 5/16-18, piloted Asking $5000 shipped, please feel free to PM or email me for any...
  18. martin

    Fancy Gina cue 16A for sale

    Hi, Up for sale is a fancy Gina cue 16A, including 2 original shafts and one new shaft ordered from Ernie. The condition is excellent, I'll rate it in 99%+ condition. Please PM me for the price, specifications or pictures if you're interested. Thanks, Martin
  19. martin

    FS: Cognoscenti Plain Jane Cocobolo

    The cue was sold, thanks for looking. martin
  20. martin

    FS: fancy 8pts Tad

    SOLD Thanks, Martin