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  1. CueNewb

    Couple of cues

    Putting out a feeler to see if there is any interest. Lomax break cue (not jump cue) very good condition., barely used Cocobolo handle and maple shaft. Shaft is 13mm (might be slightly fatter). Close to 19 ounces with adjustable weight bolt. I made it heavy, so might be more like 20 ounces but...
  2. CueNewb

    Beautiful Ed Young

    Hey folks, I'm finally going to let this one go. Below is an old post from the Gallery and I'm adding a few pics to try and make a sale. It was a beautiful day for pictures but my good camera is on the fritz. Please excuse the Iphone photos. What you will see is some excellent wood and awesome...
  3. CueNewb

    WTB: CM360 "Fearless Tips"

    Hey Folks, Duc was selling a bunch of these tips to AZ members, some in batches. Unfortunately the person making them in Japan has fallen ill. I had a couple of these tips installed and I REALLY like them. For those of you who have bought in bulk and are willing to sell some back please PM me...
  4. CueNewb

    WTB 3x6

    Preferrably a Whitten.Show me what you got. If interested I will PM you.
  5. CueNewb

    My SW

    As always the photos are sub-par but the cue is amazing! I want to thank Ken Kerner from Highend Cues for helping me out with this deal. I badgered the man 2 weeks before the SBE up until he finally gave in at the show. I believe we both did ok with the deal but I was the much happier one...
  6. CueNewb

    12 point Ed Young

    May have seen this one before, but not from me =). Hard to find these cues. 6 points of beautiful quilted bulbinga with all recut points on top. Add a gorgeous curly maple handle and you have one helluva cue. The bulbinga on the bottom is amazing! Enjoy.
  7. CueNewb

    My Tasc

    The Cue has been traded and I got the cue I always wanted. Thanks all for looking and commenting. As soon as I can get some good pics of my new pride and joy I will post.
  8. CueNewb

    Valley Forge WTB wrapless SW

    Looking for a wrapless southwest. I have a cue or two I might be able to trade with some cash. I was debating whether or not to go to Valley Forge show. I was wondering how many members, or vendors were planning on bringing a Wrapless SW to the show for sale or trade? I know there are many...
  9. CueNewb

    WTB Champion tips

    Looking for the the old school Champion tips with the red back. Anyone out there that has some lying around not in rotted condition? Thanks cuenewb
  10. CueNewb

    Straight Grain

    I would love to see some straight grain cues. Especially the SS joint ones. I know Nick Serdula had some on here not long ago. Post up if you have the time and you wouldn't mind showing off! :) K
  11. CueNewb

    WTB cheap Shuler cue

    I have a buddy that wants a Schuler butt or the entire cue if it's cheap enough. Does anyone have a used Schuler cue they want to unload. Looking for less then $200. Im not exactly familiar with Schuler cues or their pricing, any info you would have would be cool. Thanks all.
  12. CueNewb

    Predator Bargin!!

    Hey folks I got two predators I need to unload. The first is a Predator 3K3 that has only been chalked once for a practice hit. 99% The second is a well used Predator SP from way back in the days. There are 2 in the pic, but only one for sale. These cues have been SOLD!!!!! Thanks for...
  13. CueNewb

    Opinion on a Frank Paradise

    So I have this cue that is an original by Frank Paradise. The catch is, from what I was told, the cue is like a "sam paio" coversion by Paradise. I went to the Valley Forge cue convention a few years ago an got various opinions. The most positive feedback ive got, was from a gentleman that had a...
  14. CueNewb

    Brand new predator 3K3 FS

    Ok Folks, I have a MINT condition Predator 3k3 FS. This cue has only been test hit, no dents or scratches. Rolls perfectly straight together and appart. Please check out the pics below, if interest please PM me. I am asking $475