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  1. Rattlesnake

    Thanks alot!

    These are the following people I wanna thank for helping me and standing by me all these while. If not for you guys, I don't think I can get my cue afterall. Mayor Harvey L. Hall (Mayor of Bakersfield, California) Detective Rich Winslow (Computer Crime Investigations) Bakersfield Police...
  2. Rattlesnake

    Looking For Kayjeff

    Kayjeff, where are you ??? I recently bought a Skip Weston cue from Kayjeff and now I cannot reach him and still have not received my cue. Please respond to this post and let me know where my cue is.
  3. Rattlesnake

    Help needed

    Hi there.. Anyone here play around bakersfield, Ca ? Please PM me if you do. Urgent!! Thanks!!
  4. Rattlesnake


    Hi guys..Can anyone tell me what happen to 5280 after Corey Deuel left them? They seem to stop producing new models after that.