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  1. ToddW

    Joss factory tip

    Anybody know what kind/ hardness etc. tip that Joss uses? I replaced my tip recently with a lepro and it doesn't have the same spin. I will replace again if I know what was on it. Thanks T
  2. ToddW

    Bank ring game results?

    I was out and haven't seen anything, who played etc. anyone have finishing order?
  3. ToddW

    Space City One Pocket

    Does anyone have info or bracket? I saw stream was available but no info.
  4. ToddW

    Mosconi Cup Stream?

    Will it be aired ppv?
  5. ToddW

    Smith vs Jones updates

    I didn't get to watch last night. Is it worth ordering at this point?
  6. ToddW

    White diamonds brackets

    I read they were gonna post brackets. Anyone know where to find them?
  7. ToddW

    Earl Shane any info?

    My provider isn't listed on espn3. Anyone know score?
  8. ToddW

    SmokinAces 1 hole players list?

    I know it's early but does anyone know who's confirmed for the big one pocket tourney in Poplar Bluff?
  9. ToddW

    One pocket men vs women

    I mentioned this in another thread, but no answer so I thought I would ask you guys. If the break means so much against great women players in rotation games, why do women not excellent at pocket a piece? I ain't trying to start a war, just wondering what your thoughts were.
  10. ToddW

    Tar one hole

    Which night is the 1 pocket?
  11. ToddW

    Mid nite madness winner?

    Anyone know?
  12. ToddW

    White diamonds updates?

    I saw brackets on FB. Anyone know latest?
  13. ToddW

    Tar one pocket final

    Not complaining , just inquiring . If we bought all three days will we have to pay for finals?
  14. ToddW

    US Open TAR Stream locking up

    Just wondering if anyone else's stream keeps freezing or is it my I pad setup?
  15. ToddW

    US Open One Pocket

    Will it be streamed?
  16. ToddW

    Henny stories

    I have only been around him maybe 15 or 20 times but he's always been friendly or quiet . I have always thought he has a very strong game.that being said anyone have any stories to prove the awful things you hear,I mean all I hear is he's a jerk but no answer other than he hates losing. I don't...
  17. ToddW

    Wet table

    Can someone give pointers on playing on wet tables ? I've been playing pool 35 years and never make proper adjustments. Every big loss I can remember has been on a rainy day.
  18. ToddW

    Can please explain

    I've got an old unknown sneakey peat that I loved the hit , but the shaft cracked so I had a local cue maker make me a new cue but its heavier. I never liked the action of the cue but I was told the playability was in the old cue shaft and that's that. But tonight I pulled the old cue out and...
  19. ToddW

    Old 90s schon tip

    I play with an older schon sl6 and need to replace tip . Anyone know what was used on them at time ? And also a mid 2000 joss ? I play with the joss shaft sometimes for a different feel. Thanks
  20. ToddW

    Cleaning Simons

    I need to clean or vacuum dirty dusty Simonis cloth any suggestions on the proper way to do this?