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    FREE STREAM Night One Justin Bergman vs. Ricky Evans 4/20

    Hey everyone! We have a great match up tonight with one of the top US Pro's Justin Bergman facing red hot up and comer Ricky Evans on our Table Titans Streams FB page. We are starting things off with some fun, they will be teaming up to take on Table Titan Billiard's own Brandon Agee and...
  2. Table Titan Streams

    Dan "The Springfield Rifle" Harriman Vs. "Run Out" Ricky Evans Banks and 10 Ball 2 Day Event

    Hey everyone! Live tonight on our Table Titans FB page we have Danny vs. Ricky in full rack banks, free for everyone to watch. It starts at 7 pm. Thurs night we kick off the 10 ball race to 30 that is going to be a heck of a match up and a rematch from our Clash at the Colosseum event from...
  3. Table Titan Streams

    $600 Scotch Doubles Shane McMinn/Grayston Scott vs. Danny Harriman/Ricky Evans

    Wanted to pass along another video from our Table Titan Clash at the Colosseum event from mid December. This was the night prior to the actual event, we had a players meeting and paired up Shane/Grayston vs. Danny/Ricky thanks to a donation of $600 from PHAT Muscle Project, race to 11 winner...
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    Danny Harriman vs. Shane McMinn 12/18/21 Clash at the Colosseum Day 1

    I wanted to pass along one of the matches we had for our Table Titan Streams Clash at the Colosseum a little over a week ago, this was the end of day 1 where Danny Harriman took on Shane McMinn, race to 9 playing 9 ball. Lag starts at the 10 min 30 sec mark if you want to fast fw ahead. Good...
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    Test- posting a video from Danny Harriman/Shane McMinn match

    Seeing how this post looks when sharing a FB video from a live stream so others can watch-