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  1. lord_shar

    Question about Instroke Premiere 2x4 Vinyl Case

    After owning a Porper 2x4 case for many years, I decided to upgrade to an Instroke 2x4 Premiere Vinyl case. I just received the case from an Amazon 3rd party retailer yesterday. The Instroke case does look very nice and holds the cues very snug, but I just noticed that the center and back of...
  2. lord_shar

    Old Goodies -- 2006 Andy Gilbert and Schon CX-61

    I only just started playing pool again after a long hiatus since my work place decided to purchase a pool table for the lunch room. The Andy Gilbert is a custom 2006 build with my name + internet handle in cartouche heiroglyphs on the buttsleeve, the rest of the cue in a classic Szamboti style...
  3. lord_shar

    My cue collection + old digital camera

    I decided to play around with my old canon 4 mega pixel ditigal camera just to see what sort of results I'd get. Conclusion: It needs a better flash! My collection is actually just a hodge-podge of playing cues I've acquired over the years. The Meucci was a highschool graduation from my...
  4. lord_shar

    Minor dent repairs question

    I have several cues which have minor dents at the forarm and butt sleeves. What's the easiest way to repair them? Should I attempt using a spray-varnish and apply several coats over the dents with masking tape, or just send the cues off to be professionally refinished? These dents are very...
  5. lord_shar

    New Andy Gilbert - Szamboti-style "Isis" cue (large pics)

    Sorry, couldn't come up with a decent name for this cue ;) . Remember my post about this Egyptian cartouche for a sleeve inlay? Well, here are the results... hope you like 'em: NOTE: refresh this web page if you've seen it before... new pics were added.
  6. lord_shar

    Scrim Layout for upcoming Gilbert cue

    I ordered an 8-point Szamboti style cue from Andy Gilbert a few months ago, and the item is pretty much complete minus the scrimm inlays on the butt sleeve. I wanted something original yet not too "fancy," but my mind drew a total blank. Well, I finally came up with something I haven't seen...
  7. lord_shar

    Thanks again JennBaretta...

    ... for your autographed picture! Just got it in the mail. :D
  8. lord_shar

    Opinions of McDaniel Cues?

    Sorry for the cross-post, but I kinda need an answer on this one soon... Has anyone here tried a Bill McDaniel cue? How would you describe its quality and hit? Thanks for replies in advance.
  9. lord_shar

    McDaniel Cues

    McDaniel Cues??? Has anyone here used a Bill McDaniel cue? How would you describe its hit? Any/all feedback appreciated.
  10. lord_shar

    New Schon w/ Predator-Z

    Just got this a few months ago... I'm also considering purchasing a Predator SE-3 by J.Pechauer... would this be a good second cue?