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    Johnny Archer on History Channel today

    They are showing the Modern Marvels show titled Bulls-eye at 12CT. This is the show Johnny Archer appeared on, and was originally aired in October. The description is: Projectile accuracy is explored.Included: the LAPD sharp shooters; Army snipers; the Phoenix Mars Lander; pool experts.
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    Another black eye for Pool

    The following story is on the front page of AZ. It's a shame that Alex has to go this route. I hope he is vindicated in the end. I am afraid if he loses this case, he may be blackballed by some of the tours. The sad part is, this is one...
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    8 Ball Run out from here

    You have Solids. You have this left for a runout. What do you do? <iframe src="" noresize="noresize" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="no" width="660" height="430" ></iframe> I will post how I ran...