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  1. LC3

    Tell us about your "cue journey"

    My first good cue was a plain jane Viking that I bought lightly used in the early 90s, and I took it to heart when the best player in the pool room told me it was the last cue I'd ever need (no, I didn't buy it from him). I spent my first few years as a serious student of the game with that...
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    "Cue Reviews" and "Cue and Shaft Reviews": Duplicate forums?

    How are the "Cue Reviews" and "Cue and Shaft Reviews" forums different from each other?
  3. LC3

    Changing nylon wrap for linen

    Is it much of a problem to rewrap with linen a cue that was originally made with a nylon wrap? I've been told that a cue with a nylon wrap couldn't be rewrapped with linen, because the wrap section of the cue was cut deeper for the thicker nylon cord. Is there no reliable way to make a linen...
  4. LC3

    2019 ACA Cue Contest

    2019 ACA People's Choice Award Has the ACA announced which cue won this year's vote at SBE? It's always a difficult choice, but I voted for #5.
  5. LC3

    Shaft warped 2~3 mm. Acceptable?

    I bought a used cue on eBay that was advertised as being straight, but it arrived with a warped shaft (2~3 mm when rolled on a flat table). Would you consider that grounds for either a return or a price adjustment? If a price adjustment is in order, should I value the cue as if I had bought...
  6. LC3

    Playing pool with progressive lenses

    I'm about to get my first pair of glasses with progressive lenses. If you have progressives, do you have any issues playing pool with them?
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    FS: Vintage Huebler - rosewood plain jane

    This older Huebler is a rosewood plain jane that was recently refinished. I believe the buttcap is ivory, because it looks like ivory and doesn't have a logo in it. The cue has one 12.75 mm shaft with that dark, old wood that hits so nicely. The butt is 15.4 oz, and the shaft is 3.7 oz. The...
  8. LC3

    Are you a lucky winner too?

    SBE Drawing - Are you a lucky winner too? If you went to the SBE this year, you probably remember the drawing in the lobby for a gift certificate from Dicks Sporting Goods. It turns out I'm the lucky winner of free airline tickets and a hotel stay if I go to Atlantic City to attend a pitch for...
  9. LC3

    The Bridge: Scenes from Kensington's Diehard, Underground Pool League

    I just came across this article on a pool league in Philadelphia. It has the typical emphasis on seediness (not to imply that it's never deserved), but there's also a bit about Philly back in its pool day...
  10. LC3

    Have you tried a new Viking?

    I like some of the new Viking cues, but haven't found any feedback on how they hit. If you've tried one, how did you like it?
  11. LC3

    Bleached vs unbleached ivory ferrules

    Are unbleached ivory ferrules the norm? Are ivory ferrules typically unbleached and untreated? I ask because I want to have a ferrule installed at SBE, but would hate to find out that nobody there has untreated ivory.
  12. LC3

    Which cuemakers worked for a top cuemaker?

    I don't know if this has been done here or in the Blue Book, but let's list the cuemakers who have spent substantial time working with the prestigious makers. For example, James White worked with Paul Mottey, and Bob Frey worked with Tim Scruggs. Please list the relationship (e.g. employee for...
  13. LC3

    FS: Huebler - Older Rosewood Plain Jane

    This older Huebler is a rosewood plain jane that was recently refinished. I believe the buttcap is ivory, because it looks like ivory and doesn't have a logo in it. The cue has one 12.75 mm shaft with that dark, old wood that hits so nicely. I don't know its weight, but I'm guessing 19.2 ~...
  14. LC3

    When and why did Bob Fancher leave pool?

    Was it in the early 2000's that Bob Fancher was active on the pool podium? When and why did he leave? I remember him being a regular poster on CCB, having a column in BD, and of course writing Pleasures of Small Motions. If memory serves, some of his CCB posts mentioned him having pool...
  15. LC3

    Looking for instructor in Philadelphia area

    I'd like take lessons with a good all-around instructor in the Philadelphia area who is especially good at teaching a systematic approach to fundamentals. Any suggestions?
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    Support your room owner, or save a buck?

    We recently had a post encouraging us to buy our pool supplies from the AZ Marketplace. I don't mean to argue against that, but it got me thinking about the concept as it applies to our local pool rooms. If the difference in price is within reason (which is of course subjective), would you pay...
  17. LC3

    FS - Murrell Goncalo Alves Cue

    FS - Murrell Goncalo Alves Cue - SOLD The cue is sold.
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    Thumbs up for Mueller's cue repair bringing a vintage cue back to life

    Today I got back the old Huebler cue I had sent to Mueller's for refinishing. I couldn't be happier with the excellent job they did. The cue is a 70's plain jane Huebler that appears to be rosewood. It was in dire need of refinishing, and the shaft had a small cut that needed to be...
  20. LC3

    Can a conversion being done without changing the feel of the cue?

    I've thought that if I ever find a one-piece cue with that perfect feel (not that I'm actively looking), I might do a minimal conversion using the original shaft. Is it reasonably possible to do this without changing the feel of the hit or feel in the hand?