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  1. K Knight

    Sold Lomax Half Splice Want To Sell Today

    Want to sell today. FS, Lomax half splice with butterflies between the points. All white is the good stuff. Leather wrap. 2 shafts, everything rolls straight together & apart. 58” 3/8 x 10 natural joint Shaft 1: 13.1 mm 3.7 oz Shaft 2: 12.5mm 3.8 oz Butt 15.9 oz Priced to move @ $1,700
  2. K Knight

    WTB Gold Crown triangle holder

    Looking for a brushed nickel or chrome triangle holder for GC1 or 2 style (screw on) or similar. Thanks!
  3. K Knight

    WTB Crooked 1 Piece Cue w/veneers

    Looking for an old cue, preferably a titelist. Something too warped to do anything with. Send pics and asking price.
  4. K Knight

    NW Chicago Mechanic

    I'm looking to speak to someone who services NW Chicago suburbs. I need some guidance on table selection and installation for late spring next year. I checked the directory and there is no one listed.
  5. K Knight

    Converting snooker pockets

    Can you convert an old Brunswick snooker table to regular pockets? What's a new set of rails cost?
  6. K Knight

    My Brand New Davis Prince Fullsplice

    Just picked up my new cue from Tim Prince yesterday and I love it.
  7. K Knight

    WTB - December Billiards Digest

    I want the December 2014 Billiards Digest. Who will sell me their copy, and what do you want for it?
  8. K Knight

    Want To Read - billiard Digest Tim Prince Article

    I want to read the article on Tim Prince from the most recent billiard digest. does anyone have it electronically they can send me? Thanks!
  9. K Knight

    "Ralph Greenleaf's Cue" - Craigslist

    I got a chuckle out of this. thought I'd share it here. He printed out a wikipedia article, which qualifies as an LOA from Ralph.
  10. K Knight

    Toys For Tots Charity Tournament Chicago 11/16

    City Pool Hall, Chicago IL. November 16, 2013
  11. K Knight

    NW Chicago Looking to play APA

    I'm looking to play the Weds summer leagues at Arlington Lanes in Arlington Heights. I'm a SL 5. If anyone has a team I can join or wants to play on one one we can put something together and I'll captain. Thanks, Kevin
  12. K Knight

    Bob Frey Sneaky $200 Chicago - cash

    I'm selling my Bob Frey sneaky for $200. Rolls straight. Kamuii med tip. Cash deal in Chicago - this weekend only.
  13. K Knight

    Chicago Sat Nov 17 Toys For Tots Charity Tournament

    It's time to get your game on and make a child smile. ER Charities hosts their 5th Annual Toys for Tots Pool Tournament at City Pool Hall. The board fills up pretty quickly, so register early for $20 to save your slot! ($25 at the door). There will be a sign up sheet at City Pool Hall. You can...
  14. K Knight

    Need help turning cue idea into picture

    I need help turning my cue idea into a picture so I can have it made. Is there a computer program or an artist on AZ that can help get the idea in my head onto paper so I can send it off to the cue maker I want to build it? Thanks for reading and hopefully helping. Kevin
  15. K Knight

    Charity Pool Tournament - Chicago

    Hi, I posted a thread on a Toys For Tots tournament in the tournament section I was wondering if any instructors wanted to contribute anything to be used as a raffle prize for the tournament. Please contact the organizers of the tournament...
  16. K Knight

    4th Annual Toys For Tots Pool Tournament - Chicago

    Yes, it's that time of year again for Eileen and Rho's 4th Annual Pool Tournament benefiting Toys for Tots. Bring your best game, have a great time, and make a child smile! Saturday, November 5th 10:30am (doors open 9am) City Pool Hall (640 West Hubbard St. Chicago) $20 Pre-Registration ($25...
  17. K Knight

    Craigslist Special

    Here's the kind of cue that can only be found on Craigslist Congrats to the lucky player that scoops this up.
  18. K Knight

    Nike Vapor Strobe Glasses

    Have you seen the Nike Vapor Strobe glasses? Would this or any other eye wear training device be useful in pool?
  19. K Knight

    Alaska Pool Halls?

    I'm going to be in Alaska next week. Going to Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan. Are there any awesome pool halls I should check out while I'm up there?
  20. K Knight

    Heavy English and Deflection vs Accuracy

    When I have to use heavy english (2 tips + straight right or left) to get shapes across table and my CB is more than 2' from the OB my accuracy obviously goes down a little. My question is do you shift, or pivot? Meaning do you aim to make the shot with no english, and then leave your bridge...