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  1. stuckintampa

    Archer vs. Morris

    Does anybody know how the final match at the Turning Stone is going? It started at 6:45 EST and that's when I start work and can't stream here. All updates appreciated...thanks! Heather
  2. stuckintampa

    Look at the table I found on Craig's list in the Tampa area This guy claims to have a table used in 22 PBT tournaments in which the 4 winners crowned on it were Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Efren Reyes and Earl Strickland. He says he has a “Certificate of Provence” requested from the commissioner of...
  3. stuckintampa

    The Viking Cue at The Green Room, Jackson, MS--1 Pocket Tournament

    Now streaming live...the one pocket tournament enjoy...I am!
  4. stuckintampa

    Change of Venue for Nov 7-8 KF Cue Tour

    Just passing along the message that the KF Cue tour event has been changed from Bankshots in Ocala to Stroker's in Palm Harbor due to a conflict. Stroker's in Palm Harbor has just had all the tables re-felted and the tables are playing perfect. Tony asked us to pass the word on. Thanks. Please...