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    why is 8-ball most popular (not tournaments)

    I have always wondered why 8-ball is so well-known and popular. Don't get me wrong, I like 8-ball too, but I would think that 14.1 would be most well-known. Out of all the games I introduce to my friends, pocket and carom, 8-ball is always the most familiar, and not just by a little bit. I know...
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    Pool drama?

    I don't know if anyone posted this yet, and sorry if someone did but I was just browsing YT and came across this: Which is some kind of pool... "drama"? I thought was interesting. Although I don't really play pocket billiards so much...
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    co-ed 3c tournaments?

    I have just started 3C and even though I am not good at it, I love this game. I always wondered why is it they separate genders for pool... I read somewhere that it says women tended to lose more or something but I think it would be beneficial for women to play more challenging opponents anyway...