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    Predator Throne 2-5 butt

    That ish is nice!
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    Schon Logo Question

    Thank you for pointing that out about the shafts being unmarked. As I was also told, they didn't start adding the logo 'till' 93. I had someone literally borderline attack me how I was sure my shafts were original to my Schön cue. At the time, I didn't know the info but wish I did to throw it...
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    Pool fads?

    Pool gloves... Man... Those things have really taken off... I see soooo many players using them
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    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    Robin Dodson (Bell)
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    Predator Z3 shaft

    I had both. For me personally, I preferred the Cynergy over the Revo. Feel, ball pocketing and crazy as it sounds even build quality in terms of how it looked while shooting, the quality of the carbon fiber on the cynergy was much better. In the end, I sold both. I do regret selling the...
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    Leather tip identification...

    Thank you for the contact info. Much appreciated
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    Leather tip identification...

    I know it might be a long shot. I bought an Mezz Ignite carbon fiber shaft and I was told it was a Kamakaze M tip. The tip looks blue from the side and upon looking at for the tip online for future purchase I cannot find it. Might it be a different brand of tip? All I know, this tip is really...
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    Sold Predator Vantage 5/16-14

    Like new Predator Vantage 5/16-14 victory soft tip Comes with pouch - hardly used. Rolls straight. Clean ferrule. Clean shaft (I use taom chalk) This shaft was hardly played with and well taken care of. JP included. $175 FIRM shipped Paypal FF add 3% or GS *will not let me upload pictures...
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    Predator Revo 12.9 BVP 5/16-14

    Like new Predator Revo 12.9 BVP 5/16-14 Kamui soft black tip. Shaft was hardly used. Comes with pouch and wipes $360 FIRM shipped. Paypal FF add 3% or GS *will not let me upload pictures file too big - please pm with # and I can send pics.
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    Help identify this pin Shurtz cue

    Update... Surprisingly Bob himself responded to an email and confirmed it IS a 5/16-14. Heard good things about Bob's cue and most of off, it's a beauty. Thank you ALL
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    Help identify this pin Shurtz cue

    Can someone help identify this pin? It's a Shurtz cue. To me... This looks like 5/16-14. The seller claims it's 3/8-10. I've had 3/8-10 cues in the past and this does not look like one. Your opinion...
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    Sold Pechauer 1 of 1 cue $2000

    That is one of thee most beautiful cues I've ever seen! I regret not seeing it earlier!!!
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    Help identify a cue...

    Thank you very much!
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    How do you go about suing a cue builder? Just want to get my cue back.

    Yup... Sounds like the cue maker I had an issue with "S"...
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    Nicest pros?

    Max Eberle is pretty cool. He's friendly and approachable. Good guy for the game. He played some guy recently, local player Jhaycee Cabal, strong player. I believe Max gave him the 9 ball playing 10 ball race to 15. The guy ran just about every single rack and was up 10 zip on Max! Max held...
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    Help identify a cue...

    Can anyone here help me identify this cue? It's on Oscar's and Chang Jung Lin Predator player profile pic but doesn't say which one it is and cannot find the model. Thank you!
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    Revo & Vantage 5/16-14 conversion...

    May I ask why? I'm assuming to not mess with the integrity of the shaft...
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    Revo & Vantage 5/16-14 conversion...

    I recently sold my Schön (5/16-14) with two original shafts. I kept my Revo and Vantage shafts. I found a cue (butt only) and it's a radial pin. My question is, can they do a conversion on my Revo and Vantage shafts to fit this butt? For sure, I know the warranty will be out the window but...
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    Revo vs Vantage?

    I have both shafts and keep going back and forth all the time. I really like playing with a wood shaft but damn... That Revo is pretty accurate. I could move the ball with so much ease. I plan on keeping both as I can't decide one over the other